Hello. I'm JFrancis!

I am from California, USA

I joined the Connect invite to be able to access the lectures from the Core Module. It keeps me grounded.

I hope I can contribute at some point with whatever I am able to give or share or contribute. Right now, I am not sure what it is.



It is a blessing to have you. I find myself reading none stop because so many threads have spoke to me. I hope God leads you to answers and wisdom you seek. B


Hi @4spiritualdirection, welcome to connect. Congratulations on completing the Core Module :slightly_smiling_face: Was there anything in particular that stood out the most? For me, it was the interview but I appreciated the whole experience. I trust you will enjoy reading through some of the topics here. Please do feel free to share your insight :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @4spiritualdirection. It’s good to keep fresh on the lectures from the core module. Congratulations on completing the course. The Lord will lead you to respond to certain questions that you have a good foundational response. I am glad that you have come alongside us. God-bless you and your journey


@4spiritualdirection Nice to meet you!

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Congratulations! And a big Alumni welcome to JFrancis @4spiritualdirection. :clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6:

I am so happy :grinning: to meet you and hope you enjoyed every bit of the core module?.
Yes! You can contribute. Ask a question or share a testimony about the goodness of God in your life with us and you will be sure to have begin your contribution. Haha

I am looking forward to reading your contributions as you join the conversation anytime.
God bless you.
From Nigeria