Hello, Joe here

(Joseph) #1

Hello everyone! My name is Joe and live in Baltimore on the East Coast of America. I am a new believer in Christ. I was saved September 2014 and have chased God hard ever since. I love the RZIM team and was first drawn to them by Nabeel. Then I discovered Ravi. I currently attend the Maryland Bible College and Seminary run by Greater Grace and look forward to connecting people here and learning more about how to defend what I believe!

Where are you from?
Baltimore, MD
What led you to join Connect?
Understanding and Answering Islam seminar
How do you hope to contribute?
Encouragement and sharpen iron

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Hey Joe! (please excuse the old Jimi Hendrix song):grin: How’s it goin’?! And welcome to Connect, man! Great to have you here. I was just in Baltimore not too long ago performing at one of the theaters out there, Baltimore Center Stage. You familiar with it? Are you anywhere near there?

In any event, glad to have you here and look forward to hearing more from you. Grace and peace, brother!:v:t6:

(Joseph) #3

Thanks Warner! I have been to Center Stage, but not recently. Glad to see you visit Charm City!!!


(Kathleen) #4

Welcome to Connect, @joekopasek! Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us, and I thank God that He has brought you to Himself and to this ministry. :grin: We’re glad you’re here! We pray that this community will be one which strengthens and encourages you in your walk. Blessings to you!