Hello my name is Elan

Hi my name is Elan

I am from London UK a new mum to a 14 month old. Keen gardener, baker, sewer. And I am passionate about music

I have been pretty out of the apologetics loop since having the baby so I’m trying to reignite my passion for sharing the gospel and reignite my own faith through reading your stories.

I don’t have much to contribute I’m a more of a creative mind but I enjoy reading and observing!


Hi Alan, I am also In the uk. I myself am 16 so new to all this stuff! Great to meet u


Welcome to the RZIM Community @Elan!

Congratulations on such a precious bundle of joy!

The nice thing about this forum is that it doesn’t have a stopwatch that ticks away with remaining minutes, once you post your first post here😄 So take your time and explore as you are able. May it answer questions and point you to the Source for the answers—Jesus Christ and His Word. Please feel free to welcome another newcomer or share a loving response with someone whom you feel prompted to reach.

Looking forward to your participation!


Thank you for your replies!! Looking forward to getting more involved!


Welcome Elan, and congrats on the new baby. Hope you are getting adequate time to rest, some time for yourself. Reading here is very interesting, and I hope you find it encouraging and refreshing.


Exactly the opposite! Not nearly enough rest, teething life!!! I know though when I’m older I’ll look back at this time and miss the baby stage lol!


Welcome! I love reading posts and just browsing too! It’s a treasure trove of knowledge, differences in opinion, sometimes very different from your own. It helps you get an idea of what others believe and how best to teach and witness to different viewpoints. I love looking at all the comments and have had such wonderful, helpful replies to questions I have posed.
And as for babies…congrats to you!! Enjoy every second, because you will miss it sooner than you realize. I have three boys, one is in first grade, one is three, and the other is 18months. And I miss the newborn stage so very much! Haha I hear the nostalgia only gets stronger as they grow. :heart: I wish you joy, love, great memories, and lots and lots of patience. All the moments are worth it!
Grace and peace to you,


Haha! I don’t miss the newborn stage I think a toddler more suits my personality. Other than not really being able to get anything done! Lol!

Wow three kids! I bet you are super busy!


Someday…:two_hearts: You’ll miss when they were tiny and helpless and they just snuggle with you. Those blessed moments become fewer and fewer as they become more and more independent.
And yes, I am extremely busy. :joy: My husband teases me because I usually don’t stay up past 9:30pm. I’m out cold, preparing to run the zoo again the next day. Haha! But I love them so very much and they make my life so very full! Anyhow, welcome again, and I look forward to interacting here.


Hello Elan, very nice to make your acquaintance. I pray blessings for you and yours. I am in Kansas City, Missouri and am also passionate about music, I have actually started writing poetry and lyrics for God.


Hello and welcome, Elan! Many congrats on the baby and being a mum :slight_smile: Love reading people stories too, and came across yours that grabbed my attention because we have many things in common! Although you enjoy reading and watching, I am very much hopeful in hearing more of your story and questions throughout.

Blessings from across the pond,


Aw thank you very much!

Haha the zoo! Lol yeah post 9pm and I’m def pretty exhausted! I’m trying to work out how to find time to do my sewing again! As well as sorting out my vegetable plot for winter. That’s with just one! LOL

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