Hello My name is Erika

Hi, my name is erika, I am from Central California. I really appreciate what RZIM does as far as helping me process what I believe, and providing a safe space to ask questions. I have learned so much, and hope to continue to do so and to help others do the same.


Nice to meet you Erika!


Hi@Erika_Jones, Welcome to Connect. I am so pleased that you have joined us here and have come straight out the gate with questions that have enriched our community already!

I have met numerous people that have raised the objection you posted about in your inquiry on #ask-rzim, so I have grateful for you articulating that questions and giving @Shawn_Hart the opportunity to help us all think about this topic from a new angle!

Looking forward to your contributions to this community as we grow together in faith, life, and witness. Welcome, Erika!


Hello Erika @Erika_Jones
Welcome to connect. I am please to meet you.
It Is good how you long to help others by providing a healthy space for them to ask questions and also help find answers to them.

I hope you will find out time to navigate and explore the community. Always be free to create and engage conversations anytime. We’ll be blessed to receive your questions and testimonies. Thank you for coming.
With love
From Nigeria.


Welcome aboard @Erika_Jones . Glad to have you joining from Cali. So glad you have joined and see the ministry as a safe zone for tough questions. Continue to seek here. There are some kind and well read members. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey.