Hello, RZIM community!

Hello, my name is Cynthia. I heard about Connect after reading my RZIM email…I saw that RZIM had an academy and had hoped to register! I have loved everything I’ve heard from Ravi and the team and believe they are making a true difference in the body of Christ. I hope to learn from this community as well as contribute!


Welcome Cynthia so glad to have you here. Love to read and listen to Ravi but have not know about Him long. I really enjoy connect sure you will it’s a great community.


Nice to meet you Cynthia!

Welcome aboard @Cleitner. So glad you have joined us here at connect. I commend you on your search in the RZIM academy. The courses are so rich. This is a forum of Christian love and well read members, so please search the topics that interest you and ask away. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi @Cleitner,

Glad you are here!

Welcome to Connect Cynthia! I hope you are able to take the first course in the academy! I took the core module last fall and start my second course will be starting this week! It has been such a wonderful learning experience. May you be further blessed by this forum and all it has to offer. The interaction with so many believers is truly a beautiful thing. :blush: