Hello RZIM

Name is Bryant Sjostrand everyone and I’m from Minneapolis, MN. I feel like I was called to RZIM connect because I have a lot of questions about how to be a Christian in my daily life also just in need of a community that builds me up. I also hope that my life experiences can contribute to someone’s walk with god whether that be them excepting Jesus as their lord and savior or by walking by their side in the times where they need community the most.


Hi Bryant, and welcome . Surely your questions about Christianity will answer because I was also like you with many questions about my faith. But as I join this platform m really learning. God bless.


I accepted Jesus into my heart I think and have been water baptized and I know that’s not all the matters but in the struggles that I face in life I find it hard sometimes to say that I am saved and feel in my heart truly that I am going to heaven for sure. Sometimes I feel sooooooooo much shame about my characteristics that’s why I feel the way I feel.


You’re never alone in your doubts.

You don’t have to be ashamed. M glad that you share it.
God bless you.


Hi @SjoStoppers, it so wonderful to meet you. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability in this thread. You are not alone in your struggles. They are common amongst believers who face a real enemy that seeks to “steal” and “devour” 1Peter 5:8
One thing he cannot do, is over power the saving grace of Jesus Christ on the Cross. We can grieve God by the way we live but we are still “sealed unto the day of redemption” ~Ephesians 4:30
Stay connected. Enjoy browsing the topics and feel free to share your thoughts and insight :pray:t3:


HI Bryant! @SjoStoppers

The very fact that you’ve come here is fruit that your heart is in the right place :relaxed:

We are all on this journey together- You’ll find this community to be very encouraging and uplifting.
It’s also a great place to ask those questions!
You’re not alone in your struggle- we are all facing a spiritual battle.

I hope you’ll dive right in here- search your heart for what is really nagging you…

A few other great resources- the RZIM podcasts. I love to have them on my phone- easy to listen to on the go- giving food for thought as you go about your day-

“Ask Away”
“Just Thinking”
“Let My People Think”
“Thinking Out Loud”

Not to overwhelm you with ideas :wink: but, all have easy to click episodes- and all super relevant to our lives as Christians today.

Enjoy looking around Connect- and I hope to see you out in the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Bryant! You are in the right place to ask questions and mull over possible answers from a variety of perspectives. There are so many things we need as we grow in faith. I hope you have a faith place- a church that you belong with. If you do, you may find someone who can help you person to person as well as in this forum. There are critical disciplines to build your faith. There are many people here who are experienced in handling tough questions. Don’t be afraid to ask. May your curiosity be sweetened and your knowledge and faith sharpened.


Thank you Heidi. I actually Listen to all of these.

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