Help finding a quote

I’m sure many can relate to this experience. I was reading an online article a few weeks ago on epistemology and came across a quote I really liked. Now I can’t remember the exact wording nor where I found it. The quote was along the lines of how the origin of anyone’s belief system must be outside that belief system. I believe it was from Anthony Flew. Does this ring a bell to anyone?

Thanks in advance.


It doesn’t ring a bell. I would like to know if someone comes across the quote. I suppose if the evidence for a belief were to lie inside that belief system, then the belief system itself would be the object of belief. Since a system of belief (which comes down to a system of interpretation) should not be an object of belief (in that it is subjective) the evidence for a belief (on which it is founded and should be properly basic and objective) cannot lie within that system.

I am sure Antony Flew is more succinct than that. I would love to read the quote when it is found.

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