Help navigating site

I don’t understand how to navigate site. How may I receive instructions via telephone conversation? Am I even in the correct site now?

Hi Gracie,

I am sorry for your difficulty in navigating this forum. It has taken me a while to become more comfortable in finding my way around and learning how it works. Here are a few things that may help you.

Look at the top right side of your screen and you will see a :mag: This is the search engine and can be used for looking up particular topics of interest to you by entering in a word or two. Examples would be: The Trinity, Suffering, Sharing the gospel, etc., You should be able to view the posts that fall under that topic. Use the arrow button at the top left side of your page to go back to original site when you have finished.

Next to the :mag: you will see 3 horizontal bars. If you click on these bars it will take you to the different categories within the forum - Bible Questions, Daily Evangelism, Christian Growth, and other categories. Click on the category of interest to you and you will see many different topics up for discussion within each category. If you wish to read, click on the one of interest and it will take you to the original question or post and any replies that follow. If you wish to contribute to the discussion hit the reply button at the bottom of any post and a box will come up in the lower left part of the screen. Type your post there and hit the reply button when you have finished.

Again, I am sorry for the trouble you are experiencing. If you have any questions, please reply to this email and someone will help you. Thank you for letting us know.

Mary Beth

Thank you MaryBeth! You are very kind & thoughtful. I am grateful for your suggestions. I found the RZIM telephone number so I plan to call the office there & ask them a few more specific questions. You helped me a great deal!
You are blessed!!!