Help with rebuttal for Erick Reese's "New Creationism"?

My cousin sent me an article from a past Orion Magazine, January/February, 2013. The Article was entitled, " The New Creationism in Which Biology become Scripture" by Erick Reese. I can’t copy it because of copyright issues, but if anyone has access to that, I would love some scientific answers to his premise that all nature is God. I just don’t have enough scientific background to answer his various other premises that he says proves evolution is true.
I can site this reference from the web where Mr. Reese states his ideas:

I want to be able to give my cousin some scientific rebuttals to Mr. Reese, but need some help. Can anyone help me do that? I promised my cousin I would get back to him…eventually. He’s not a believer and a firm believer in evolution.
Any help appreciated.

Under the comments on the page this opened up to, I thought the responses that appeared below looked fairly useful for at least some of your purpose.

The summary statement immediately before those comments seems to explain the concept saying: “If all life on earth originated from a single substance, why not call that substance God?”

Several immediate problems which leapt to mind are the idea that God “originated”, that He did it “on earth”, that He is a “substance”, and that we get to define Him. Obviously, this is nothing remotely like the God that Christians, Jews, Muslims or any other theist would recognize. Why, even an atheist would not bother attacking a “god” like this!

If your cousin is not a believer, but a firm evolutionist, I do not understand why he would even bother with this notion. May he become bored with it very soon!

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Thanks, James. That’s a great starting point.


@sgewehr Hi!

Personally, I think a good starting point rebuttal to the article you provided would be the Kalam Cosmological Argument ( Because in the article they are starting from a substance, but the Big Bang Theory says that there was nothing, then there was something which then exploded. So, to start the conversation I might just ask simply…

So, where did that beginning substance come from?
How do you get something from nothing?

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Thanks Jonathan @joncarp. I’ll add that to my thinking. I did have that in mind. It makes perfectly reasonable sense. I want to add more FACTS to answer their theories. I’ll check out the article you recommended.

A different approach, that has exactly as much supporting evidence as standard evolutionary theories do, can be found in the topic, here:

Macroevolution as 4D movie manifestation

But, of course, many “scientists” would laugh at the idea that an all-powerful, all-capable Creator Being could create everything in 6 days, while materializing the “design Plan” into the creation at the same time. Takes just slightly more faith than to believe it all came from nothing + random chance… :thinking:

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Thank you, Dean @DeanW. I’m collecting all these references to put together my thoughts. My cousin is a firm believer in science. So I want my answers to be scientific answers that support the Bible. It’s a two-pronged approach. I appreciate your input.