Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone,

My name is Gladcy, from Texas. I heard about RZIM connect on the RZIM podcast. Looking forward to connecting with you all and growing in Christ. Hoping to contribute in any way the Lord leads.


@gladz Nice to meet you!

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Hi @gladz, welcome to connect! You have come to the right place to connect and grow. There is much to glean from. I look forward to reading some of your thoughts and insight as the Lord leads :pray: Take care and enjoy browsing :slight_smile:


Welcome to Connect @gladz!

Hi Gladcy and welcome to a beautiful It is a blessed people who help us grow and learn.

Welcome aboard @gladz. How is Texas this time of year? Thanks for coming alongside us at connect. We are glad that 1 of the broadcasts led you here. I hope that this forum provides a fellowship for you in apologetics that will enhance your faith path. God-bless you and your journey.

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thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I am fairly new to apologetics and actually just learned what it is few years ago. Find it very interesting and eye opening, its nice to really know more about Christianity and to be able to answer some of the tough but reasonable questions people ask and sometimes even I wonder!