Hey there I'm Lisa from Virginia

(Lisa sheffield) #1

Hi everyone, I just finished Core Module 1 and am hoping to keep the momentum going. I wish I knew others that were in my community here to keep me accountable and to share experiences in sharing our faith but perhaps I can connect with you all online:)

(SeanO) #2

@inspired2b Welcome to Connect! So glad you’ve gained some momentum through the Core Module - may the Lord Jesus produce fruit through the seeds that have been planted. Connect is a great place to continue taking steps forward as you grow as an evangelist and in your walk with Jesus. Christ be with you.

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Welcome, Lisa! I’m so excited to hear God has drawn you closer to Him. I think you will find Connect as a place to be both challenged and fed as you prepare for envangelism. I grew up in Virginia, although I live a good bit aways now.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

Well, CONGRATULATIONS on a COMPLETED Core Module!!! AND WELCOME to Connect! I’m glad that the road didn’t stop at the module and that you are still continuing the journey. I absolutely understand the need for close, accountable community and understand that an online community like RZIM Connect (as great as it potentially is) may not be the ideal. I’ll pray that you find that community (or that community finds you) wherever you are. However, in the meantime, I would DEFINITELY encourage you dive in and engage with THIS CONNECT community. It’s a community of Jesus followers from all over the world. Ask questions. Ask for prayer. Offer prayer and give your insights to questions. And before you know it, a bit of a community may develop.:wink:

God’s every blessing to you, Lisa from Virginia! Take care and, again, WELCOME!

PS - growing up, I occasionally visited a small town in VA called Culpeper to be with my grandmother. Heard of it?

(Riz Crescini) #5

Hi, Lisa!

I am a new member as well. Glad to connect with you here.

My wife’s family is from Wytheville, VA. Ever heard of it? Where are you located?


(Carla) #6

Hi Lisa!
I completed that module long time ago; and disconnected completely until I found the invitation to join this community.
Love the idea to talk about God with you all.

(George Kyriacou) #7

Hi Lisa

I am new to connect and still getting the hang of it but it seems to be a great way to build confidence in your appolagetics skills by asking questions to like minded people. This should help us when we go out in the world to try and reach those not blessed with knowledge of the way.

God bless

Regards George

(Lisa sheffield) #8

Hey there Warner, thanks for the welcome! Of course I’ve heard of culpeper:) It’s just 45 min north of me. We’re in Charlottesville. A very pretty part of the state.
I’ve really liked reading the threads but haven’t gotten enough courage to respond yet. But I think this community is really going to help me grow.

(LaTricia) #9

Welcome Lisa! What part of VA are you in? I’m in the DC Metro area, but originally from Richmond.

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(LaTricia) #10

And there’s my answer LOL.

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(Jessica Coaker) #11

I am from Richmond and live in Richmond! Not too far from you all. Welcome to the site. I am new myself!

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(Joseph Riggs) #12

Welcome to the app Lisa, I’m also new to the app. Can’t wait to explore the app and grow in faith and I hope you can aswell!

-Joseph Riggs