Hi from Indonesia - Eric Kosdi

Hello everyone…

I am Eric, from Indonesia. My degree was in Electrical Engineering. I am passionate about electrical and software.

I was joining the RZIM Core Module, then alumni has been given access to RZIM Connect, whereby I am very happy to join all of you.

I hope we can have a fruitful discussion together and be blessed by each other! God bless you!


Hi @erickosdi,

I’m always encouraged when Academy alumni join Connect. You have a wealth of learning and insight into how to answer not just the question but the questioner. I look forward to hearing from you in the discussions here.


Hello Eric, welcome to the world of RZIM connect. You may be helping me to invite you since you are an Android Developer, thank you I do enjoy the platform. Pray all is well and safe in your area and slowly getting back to normal?
Dive right in and feel free to share your input.
God bless your sojourn with Christ.


Welcome aboard @erickosdi. It is good to have you joining us at connect from Indonesia. Congratulations on completing the core module. How did you like it? I found it so fundamental for my faith and so helpful. I hope you enjoy the dialog here. It’s fun. Stay active. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi @CarsonWeitnauer,

Thank you. Yes, I feel blessed to be able to learn Core Module. I hope I could contribute something in the discussions. Yet, I should learn a lot of things from others here as I have no Theological background.


Hi @mgaplus4,

Wah, how do you know that I am an Android Developer?

Not so okay in my area. I live in Jakarta, the most highest positive case of covid-19 in Indonesia. Day by day it becomes worse. I am only able to pray and do positive things during my working from home.

God bless you as well!


Hi @Keldon_Scott,

Yes, I always enjoy my time learning Theology modules. So true, the core module is so fundamental for my faith and character as a good apologist.

Thank you. Hope so I can enjoy our e-meeting here. God bless you as well!


Hi Eric, whenever I meet a new friend I try to ask to simple questions to engage with them. Where are they from and what kind of work. A normal way which connect does when you fill out your profile. Anyone can click on your picture and see what you posted. Didnt mean to startle you just wanted you to feel welcome.
Did not know how bad it was there be safe I will be praying with you.

Thank you so much