Hi, I am Paul


my name is Paul. I am married and have 1 kid. I am from Germany.
I finished the entry course of RZIM.
I hope to learn more from Others in this forum.



Hey Paul! I just finished up as well. Enjoyed it. Benefitted from it. Hope you did too.

What did u like the most about the program?


Hallo Paul. Wie schön, jemanden aus Deutschland hier zu treffen :smile: I completed the core module last year and learned a lot from it. Especially the insights into the other worldviews were very helpful for me. What did you like best? Glad to hear from you.


Welcome, Paul! @pmaxi
So glad you’ve joined :relaxed:
Glad you enjoyed the Core Module- wasn’t it great?!
I learned so much- how to engage with a non Believer- caring about who they are, and why they have the questions they have- the RZIM team did such a great job.
I hope you’ll enjoy looking around- the many topics are so great!


Welcome @pmaxi, it’s wonderful to meet you. My mom was from Regensburg Germany. I have relatives I have never met. I hope to have a litte more time on my hands to travel. I am anxious to vist where my mom grew up. You can create a topic if you have any questions or just enjoy browsing and reading for now. Hope to hear more from you :slightly_smiling_face:

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