Hi, I'm Bending!

(Benjamin Tdh) #1

Say hello…
Really glad to be here on this forum, I’m from Singapore.
More than a year ago, I wanted to join RZIM on an apologetics course, but however I didn’t Instead I kind of let that idea fade away. Only 3 months ago I started to listen on apologetics much on aggressively. I grew an appetite and increased on understanding .

Although I’m only 22, perhaps I could contribute in various ways, I like to reflect and write short journals on the revelations and epiphanies God gave me as I journey along daily with him.

(SeanO) #2

@Benjamin_Tdh Welcome to Connect! May you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus through your time here - would enjoy engaging in discussion about our wonderful Lord :slight_smile: Richest blessings.

(chandra kishore sardar) #3

Hi Benjamin ! Its so good to have you here on in the forum. I am from Nepal and currently pursuing bachelors degree and an avid lover of apologetics just like you. Welcome here !