Hi I'm Eli

Hi, I’m Eli. I’m at the moment living in Paris, France.
I recently did a RZIM online academy, which was really great and challenging for me. I am hoping to continue to build onto what I have learnt through this forum.
I have some experiences in evangelism, particularly street evangelism and with refugees, and am learning more and more how to witness in more natural settings (with friends, at work place, …)


Hi Eli! Welcome to connect! Blessings, Pam


Welcome aboard @Eli77. I love seeing another Academy alum join. Thank you for your heart and spirit to evangelize. Your experiences will be a blessing to this forum. Please share some of your experiences when you get a chance. There must be some unique challenges in the refugee community. God-bless your time here and your journey.


Hi @Eli77, welcome :pray: I am with @Keldon_Scott, we would be blessed to hear some of your experiences. So grateful to have you here with us :heart:


Hi Eli! @Eli77
Wow! Paris- nice :blush:

Loved what you expressed here:

Such a useful skill to have- sharing with others in an organic way- ready to strike up the conversation- or answer a question as we spend time with friends, co-workers, etc.