Hi I'm jayson

Hi everyone

I’m from manila, I go to ccf. Christ commission fellowship. Met sir Ravi also there and in a party.
What’s up?


Welcome Jayson!

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Wow, Jayson! Just read the info on the CCF website. What an amazing story of growth through an intentional mindset to honor Jesus by expecting congregants to tell His story. I bet it is exciting to be part of such a vibrant ministry.

Glad you have joined us. Hope you find it helpful…



Thx Kevin for the time.

Do you know got questions. Org?
Check out what they’re saying about ccf.

Thx Chris…

Hey Jayson! @Json

Welcome to Connect :relaxed:
So glad you’ve joined us!

So great to read your intro, Jayson- how’s Manila?? The cross cultural experience here is so rich.

We’d love to hear more about you as you feel led to share!

The many categories and topics found in the above “3 line button” will give you plenty of food for thought. I hope you’ll join into conversation, ask questions, and give perspective as you’re able.

Good to meet you!
Be blessed :slight_smile:

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How much of it is true? Looking at the core beliefs the church states, it’s hard to reconcile the 2.

It has to be doing something good, if it has Ravi in - open to truth. But, maybe it’s drifted from its formative truths?


thx heidi for the warm welcome.

manila is a developing country. transgender rest room is a hot issue now.

will be reading other topics here soon.


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thanks for taking time to read ccf’s website for its core beliefs…

its a judgemental commentary. making decision i dont know whats the basis.

for me, as a follower of Christ i always listen for the good things and weed out the bad.

no judgement but just try to learn and love others.

commentary for me was all out of context.

Welcome Jayson


The community and resources here can be helpful to your growth and help you to continue to grow into a real resource for your local body. All church’s need doctrinally sound lay members who are anchored in agape love to facilitate effective community and serve the local body’s needs. RZIM is a wonderful repository of knowledge, which can be really helpful in coming into a deeper relationship with Jesus. But, the goal is for us to be transformed by a relationship with Him, so that we will be like Him in the world - we’re not focused on the library to the exclusion of the student quad.

Hope you have a great week, Jayson!