Hi I'm Rachel! *waves from 6 feet away*

Hello Everyone!

My name is Rachel Phillips, and I’m a millennial (gasp) high school English teacher from Southern New Hampshire, U.S.A., about an hour north of Boston, M.A.

I saw a post on Instagram (because #quarantine2020) about asking Kasey Leander questions, and when I tried to ask a question, it turns out I needed to create an account on Connect, which obvious led me to ask, “What is Connect?” and here I am!

I would love to speak to what’s going on in the world of public education in America, and I love discussing and learning more about how Christianity influences not only our Theology, but also science, popular culture, and of course, stories and literature (among other things)! I also would love to hear from anyone with a love for/experiences with New England, and if anyone is a fellow Patriots fan, I would love to weep with those who weep and discuss how the dynasty might be coming to an end.


Hi Rachel, this is a shout from West Virginia. We are one in Christ as I am a baby boomer, yes former hippie, but now your brother in Christ.
Welcome to the family Sister.

I am with you on this, our deepest held beliefs religious or not tend to shape our thoughts whether we realise it or not, look forward to seeing, watching as you engage on connect.
Thanks for sharing with us.


Hi Rachel and welcome to Connect :smiley:. I look forward to your thoughts on your own area of study and on the various subjects you alluded to in your introduction. Please feel free to start any new discussion’s. Has your teaching work also stopped for now? Here in New Zealand our country shutdown from only necessary services started today.

God bless :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Mike!

Thanks so much for reaching out and saying “Hi!” Former hippie, huh? I would love to hear your testimony sometime! It really is so cool that although we come from different generations, we are brother and sisters in Christ :).


Hi Brian!

Thanks so much for your warm welcome! My teaching hasn’t stopped, but it has moved to virtual/online education, which has been a major learning curve for sure! We only had one day to prepare for it. How are teachers doing things in New Zealand? Always exciting to meet other followers of Christ from around the world!


Hi Rachel :slightly_smiling_face:
I think for early childhood teachers and primary schools they still have some students coming into school for parents who have necessary jobs (doctors, paramedics, firefighters etc). Otherwise it seems to be more a homeschooling approach where parents are emailed what material to go through. For high schools I think that they are just given material to read and assignments to complete online. Everything is very much up in the air and nobody is really sure what is going on. We have a mandatory shut-down for 4 weeks and then will see what the next decision is. I think part of the plan will be to move the school holidays or shorten them to try and fit the school year in.

Who knows, maybe the kids will start enjoying doing school work more now to relieve some of their boredom?! I wonder how many things will be changed more permanently after this whole corona-virus ends. I hope people don’t become too germaphobic, especially the young children.

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Hi Rachel, in the search icon at the top of the screen copy and paste this “Introduction hello this is mike” and you will find my testimony. Would love to hear your story as well my friend, We are also co-laborers together in his field.
Be safe and blessed during these difficult times, we are all facing.


@RPhil My mother’s side of the family hails from Lebanon. I have many good memories of summer vacations on the farmstead on which my mother was raised. Welcome to Connect!

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Welcome Rachel from 6 feet away! Having taught in Christian high schools for 25 years, I would be interested in hearing you speak to what’s going on in the world of public education in America - especially from someone in New England, since I’m a son of the sunny South, born and bred!


Hi again Brian!

Oh interesting! That makes sense. Haha everything being up in the air certainly sounds familiar. We are supposed to go back on April 6, but I doubt that will happen. I hope you’re right- maybe kids will enjoy school now! :smiley:

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Hi again Mike!

Ok I’ll look for that- and I’ll have to add my testimony to my profile as well when I get the chance. The short story is that I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home and was saved at a young age. Since then, God has used various people and really difficult life circumstances to grow me closer to Him! The older I get, the more certain I am that God’s plan is infinitely better than mine, and there is so much more I have to learn!


Hey Brendan!

Wow- small world! I’ve only really driven through the Lebanon area to go to VT, but all of Western NH is so beautiful! I love all the old farmhouses, trees and land :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Hi James!

Haha thank you! Oh wow, that’s awesome- I honestly would love to teach at a Christian school long-term, however it’s hard to find a solid Christian school up in this area. Public school is an interesting world for sure, and I’m still learning. I would say one of the most disconcerting things, at least for public schools in my area, is the prevailing belief that anything “religious” is anti-intellectual. Also, I really have a heart for my students who grew up in Christian homes but feel pressure to downplay their faith because of the culture/belief I mentioned before. There’s much more I could say, but I’ll leave it there for now! I wonder if the Southern public schools are any different…


Well, down here in Georgia, our church and others go into the public schools after the classes are over with Child Evangelism Fellowship curriculum and have After School Bible Clubs.

We’ve been able to bring a Gospel Magic Evangelist into them during school hours and give presentations that emphasized “ethics” and told them they could see more at our church in the evenings.

I’ve spoken with our county School Superintendent and he’s very glad to see religious influences in the schools. In fact, there’s a Christian Learning Center right by the local high school where students are allowed to take electives in Bible classes for high school credit - and I’ve given devotions to classes there before.

Of course, we’re in the Bible Belt where people openly talk about church and the Bible with neighbors, coworkers, and friends.

So, I’m guessing from your description of things up there that it might be a little different down here.

But if the problem there is a misperception that Christianity is anti-intellectual, then I think RZIM Connect will provide you with plenty of material to counter that propaganda!


Oh wow! Yeah it’s a very different story up here…

At my current school, we do have a small FCA meeting that happens on Friday mornings with anywhere from 3-10 students, but that’s it.

I worked at the biggest high school in NH for almost 4 years before my current school, and they wouldn’t allow FCA to meet (though it was requested several times), and a “Bible Club” that was meeting had like 2-5 students and then dismantled completely, so to my knowledge there are no Christian groups that meet there, other than “See You at the Pole” which is a morning prayer that happens once a year before school. This is a school with 3,200 students.

The spiritual need up here in New England is very great- some counties are technically considered unreached people groups, and New Hampshire is considered the “least religious” state. Sounds like another world down there in Georgia!

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Wow - and to think, that’s where the Pilgrims landed - where the Puritans came to build the Kingdom of God in the wilderness!

May God use servants like you and those who gather at the pole and those fellow saints among you to be light in the darkness, salt in the decadence, voices in the wilderness!

And may God use this current crisis to draw many hearts to Him; may He stir His people across the land to continue praying for a national revival, our only hope!


It’s definitely crazy to think about! Europe is the same way- once a stronghold of great pastors, theologians and missionaries, and now spiritually dead. But God is still at work here, and I trust, in Europe as well! I’ve seen Him work in powerful ways in the lives of those around me, and in some ways, sharing the gospel with people who are unfamiliar with it is a gift!

Amen! I’ve been praying God uses this crisis to draw people to Himself as well! All of America is in need of revival right now :slight_smile:


Hi @RPhil, your intro title…lol
Welcome to RZIM Connect. Really pleased to have you here with us, full of enthusiasm for jumping into #ask-rzim (I hope you got to post your question to Kasey) and discussing

…basically how the gospel informs all of life! I think you will find a lot of conversations in which to share your insights, and I look forward to the those you will start with your questions! Welcome, Rachel!


Thanks for the warm welcome, Liz! I did get to post my questions to Kasey :D. I look forward to discussing things on here as well! Thanks again!


Hi @RPhil I loved your introduction and how you titled it “waves from 6 feet away“ :slightly_smiling_face:
I have been learning a lot from millennials lately so my gasping is more like “wow that was really profound“ than “oh, you’re a millennial.” :smirk:
So, hello from a baby boomer, welcome to connect! It’s great to have you here and I look forward to your insight :pray:t3: