Hi I'm Rachel! *waves from 6 feet away*

You are highly Welcome Rachel, to the Comment, hoping to hear from you the Wonderful Wisdom, from your year’s of Academical Experience, Biblical interactions, Friends and other Worldviews!
Welcome :blush: Rachel!!!


@RPhil. Welcome to RZIM connect. Hope ur expectations be met by Christ through His loving children in here. Remain blessed


Hi Sig!

Thanks for the warm welcome- haha glad you enjoyed my intro :smile: So neat that we can all learn from each other - I think that’s one of the awesome things about the Church!


Thank you Lawrence! :relaxed:

Thanks @Aluwong1980!

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HI @RPhil!! Your intro title made me laugh :wink:

Welcome to Connect! We are so grateful to have you with us! I believe you will find this to be a space with many meaningful conversations - and I look forward to those that you will start!

I see that you have a passion for seeing how the gospel informs all our spheres of life - brilliant! I noticed in your questions to Kasey you asked questions related to your current role as an educator In New England as well as engaging in spiritual conversations/ sharing the gospel in this specific spiritual climate. May I suggest starting a new conversation in our #daily-evangelism thread? I hope we can learn from your insights and you can receive refreshment and wisdom from our community here. I currently live in Boston and have been here in MA for a few years now! So I have had a taste of the New England life. Excited to grow alongside of you, Rachel! Welcome.


Welcome Rachel :cherry_blossom:

It is wonderful to have you join RZIM Connect, and your introduction conveys such an excitement for life!
I would enjoy hearing your views on public education, I have taught in the private sector and had a short experience with homeschooling.

A few of my friends tour the New England area every year and are utterly enchanted by its wonders and beauty.

My daughter is a lone Patriots fan and has mourned with you at the sudden loss. :laughing:

Connect has numerous forums for discussing and learning on many of the topics you listed, although I have not yet seen one on the New England Patriots.

I do hope you enjoy navigating through the conversations here on Connect.:tulip:

Hi, You are very welcome, Rachel.

You are in the right place and community. RZIM Connect is social platform and community that will help you to grow, especially about the discussions you love which how Christianity influences science, culture, and stories.

We are so glad for you to be here.
God bless, Rachel.

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Welcome Rachel! This has got to be one of the most interesting welcomes I have read through since I’ve been a member! :joy: We are so glad to have you find us out and look forward to engaging with you on Connect. With your obvious enthusiasm for learning you will be a delightful addition to the conversations you engage in! :smile:


Hi @RachelW!

May I just say, love your name. You must be an amazing person :wink: haha I’m glad you enjoyed the intro title! Thanks so much for your warm welcome.

Speaking of my questions to Kasey, I was hoping to hear his unique perspective/expertise on my questions, but I noticed I didn’t receive a response. Did I ask it in the wrong place? I realized after reading your suggestion that perhaps that particular hot seat thread wasn’t the correct place to ask those questions.

Oh nice! So cool you’re in Boston! Where are you from originally? Glad you’re getting a taste of the New England life! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Hi Roseann!

Thanks so much for the welcome- I’m truly excited to be here!

Oh wow- neat! What grade/subject did you teach?

That’s wicked awesome, as we say up here :wink: How did your daughter come to become a Patriots fan? I’m so glad someone understands haha. That would be quite the thread I’m sure :laughing:

Thanks again!

Hi @domingoosabel!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I’m excited to be a part of discussions like you mentioned.

Happy to be here! God bless you as well :slight_smile:

Hi Carrie!

Haha happy to entertain - so glad you enjoyed it :laughing:. I look forward to engaging with you all as well!

Thanks for the welcome!!


Hi Rachel!! Glad you are here!!

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Hi Shari! Thanks for the welcome! Happy to be here :slight_smile:

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Hi, Rachel! Welcome to Connect. It’s good to have you. This intro thread is like a fun table talk with coffee.

I thought I’d ring in on your question about culture in southern public school. @jlyons description of Georgia culture is similar to here but sounds a lot more welcoming even than in my home state of West Virginia. A lot of good people who love Jesus live in my neck of the woods. Some work in the schools, too; but I don’t know how freely they can be themselves. I’ve been recently troubled by news of terrible crime, assumedly drug related, in my old hometown. It’s gotten to where the drugs have spilled into the sleepy little rural communities and are wreaking havoc, and that’s affecting our kids and their school experience. That said, there is a wide spread of people who love God and are open to the the things of God. I attended a graduation last year that near the end of which each graduate’s personal thanks was read aloud. I was so pleased to hear that many of them chose to thank God. Maybe their leaders couldn’t or wouldn’t speak of God, but the kids used their liberty to express themselves; and that self-expression often included God.


Hi, Rachel glad you can be part of our family.

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Excited for your Dynamic Wisdom,
Thanks for your comment :+1:
God bless you :pray: Rachel !

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Hi Abraham!

Thanks for the welcome- I’m excited too! :slight_smile:

Hi Leah!

Thanks for the welcome! Haha I never thought of it like that, but I suppose any way to “meet” with people nowadays is refreshing!

West Virginia, huh? I just watch the Mark Ruffalo movie “Dark Waters” with my family, and now I can’t help but think of West Virginia as the place where Dupont dumped all those toxic chemicals into the water supply and air! Haha I never want to eat off Teflon again…

Oh wow- yeah the opioid crisis hit us hard up here as well. That sounds terrible! Has this been a recent problem in your community or one that has existed for several years? So sad that it’s impacting children.

It’s encouraging to hear, however, that there ARE people who you know in the community who love the Lord and are not ashamed to give thanks to God. I’m not sure how readily that would be done here. It’s just not really part of the culture. I totally understand teachers not being able to “be themselves.” It’s always a constant concern for myself to make sure I’m not being biased towards Christianity.

Hope this April Fool’s Day is treating you well!


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