Hi - Thomas

I’m Thomas from the middle of europe.

My testimony in short:

I was brought up Catholic and somehow I was always only interested into two things: God and Electronics/Programming/Security/Server

All I knew as drawing to god was “beeing a good christian”:

  • going to mass
  • praying the rosary
  • reading some verses of the bible
  • doing many good works and less bad works

(all work-based and comparing myself with a typical traditional church attender)

In summer 2014, I found so many testimoneys on YouTube (I think I watched ~100 testimonys). So different people whom god revealed himself. At the same time I found an online course where I thought: I’m a good christian, this will be easy. But I was completly overstrained. It was the first time where I was asked to apply Bible Passages and not church doctrine to my life. I listened to a lot of online sermons (so many different good and bad ones) and started attending an so awesome local baptist church (which I found online) the following months. I also really started to read my bible and pray and to think about god and to ask myself: Do I really want to follow him, letting my old flesh die? I decided yes.

At the moment I also have fellowship at a pentecostal youth group. I will probably start a thread with how to deal with theological differences …

What lead me to RZIM Connect?

I watched the video of Francis Chan & Ravi Zacharias where this forum was promoted. I really enjoy to connect with Christians from different locations sharing the same faith in our savior. I also really enjoy getting different views that let me rethink stuff.

How do I want to contribute?

At the moment I am here to learn. Maybe others will also be inspired by my questions and their answers.

Thanks for all the god work you are doing!


Thats nice. Rosary is also my favourite prayer

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Welcome @Thomas131 :heart: Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You have already inspired us an I trust you will continue to do so as you feel led to engage. Enjoy browsing the topics :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to connect @Thomas131 I am looking forward to learning with and from you.

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Welcome aboard @Thomas131. Your journey is so heart felt. Sounds like seek and ye shall find has proven true. So glad you have connected with us. Keep it up. Participate as often as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hello Thomas, when I read your introduction I had to smile, because we have some things in common. Besides the region we live in, the interests are similar (especially the order :wink:).

Congratulations on this decision! So your long searches on the internet finally led you to our savior. Welcome to Connect. You know a lot about online forums, so you will find your way around quickly. You can ask questions and learn a lot of new things and, yes, it is a good idea to open a new thread. For this Daily evangelism would be the right place.
Here are some links that might interest you:

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Thanks VERY MUCH for all the heart-filled welcomes and sorry for responding that late!

I have already been greatly blessed by reading a lot of stuff on the forum - it seems like I don’t have to ask any questions at the moment :smiley: - There is nothing new under the sun :slight_smile:

At the moment I start a lot of stuff and finish less, so sorry for not replying. One thing (though not the main thing) I need to figure out at the moment is where god wants me to spend my time and where not spend my time (also dismissing christian stuff).


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