Historical Jesus and Islam

Is it fair to conclude that, the Historical ressurection of Jesus denied by the author of quran, is due to the lack of availability of real gospel (Greek manuscripts of the canonical gospel hidden by the Christians), to the author of quran (not received gospel) ?
What about the availability of Gnostic christian literatures at the time of the author of the Quran, is way more in number than the available canonical gospels?
Does it make sense that the author of the Quran is forced to reject the ressurection of Jesus by these facts, circulating 600 years after Jesus death, also the oral tradition of the denial of the death and the resurrection of Jesus?


I think these are good questions and like any good question they generate new questions,
I have to ask, you have mentioned the “author of the Quran” several times:


The reason I bring this up is because a core belief of Islam is the Quran has no human author but it is the very ‘text of Allah’ eternal in nature and transmitted to Mohammed his Prophet.

(85:22) inscribed on a well-guarded Tablet.9

This a commentary on the above verse.

  1. That is, the writ of the Quran is unchangeable and imperishable. It is inscribed in the guarded tablet of God, which cannot he corrupted in any way. Whatever is written in it has to be fulfilled: even the whole world together cannot avert its fulfillment.

If that is correct then it would be Allah that would need to explain and in Islam questioning the Quran is not encouraged.
You do touch on a very good point when you bring up the Isa of the Quran and the Jesus of the Bible. They are not the same and because there are not the they can not both be true but they can both false.
Here are a few links to support this.


My last comment, I would be interest how you concluded that

Hope this helps.

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I believe in the historical ressurection of Jesus which is the great historical truth from the available data,
I believe both bible and quran is written by man , it is the bible which says, the writings are inspired by the Holyspirit, also Jesus has used the Old Testament for teaching purpose. The gospel is clear about the trinity as the revelation revealed by Jesus, and all the evidence shows he rose from the dead, which proves his teachings are true.
If someone is going to deny this historical truth in his writings or teaching he must prove it historically and not only that he must prove his teaching are true by ressurecting from death by his own authority.

It is the Quran which says it is the word of God with a big historic lie, also Muhammad has died in his sin according to the scriptures of the bible, he never proved his teachings are true by his own authority after his death. Therefore I take this historic document has influenced by Gnostic root from other Gnostic christian literatures when it comes to Jesus. That’s why I raised my question and addressed with the “author” rather than MUHAMMAD.

It is also interesting that the origin and liberation of Christian religion and Islam religion are entirely different, Romans are persecuting Christians for their beliefs therefore they want to hide the sacred scriptures in a free transmission method, at the same time, it is also possible that the pagan groups and Gnostic christian groups have developed the Gnostic christian literatures or anti canonical message , inorder to compromise the status of Christian beliefs.

While the manuscripts of the Quran has published and provided by their government authority in a controlled transmission manner, that’s why I’m still doubting the author of the Quran has forced by the available data (which are not the canonical gospels) along with the conclusion of false oral tradition that is the denial of the ressurection of Jesus, to make the case of JESUS.

Historical Jesus and Islam.
600 yrs after the death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Then came Islam.
Surat Mariam in the holy Quran, justified that, the complete Bible was available during the day or time of prophet Muhammad,.
The Great Alexander, brought civilization of World Domination idea to the Arabs…Bhudist in origin. Zachariah is in the Quran, John the Baptist,
Resurrection of Jesus Christ is unbelievable possible by the Arabs,. It’s mean Jesus is Alive, Muhammad,call Jesus Christ Great Prophet and command obedience to the Lord Jesus Teaching, Jews believe in the Laws of Moses…all the information was available, the Hadith call them. “People of the Book”. Kadijat was a widow, the ex was a Jew …Kadijat was formerly Maria,. Muhammad change the name.
Islam copied the Bible in many ways,
To be continued :pray:

The problem here is, even if quran does mention these people it doesn’t prove anything, because if the author of the quran have the four canonical gospel that christians have, he could never reject the trinity and the resurrection of jesus, because the bible forces us to believe in the trinity and the resurrection of Jesus. Therefore the author of the quran has no idea about these 4 canonical gospels. He teaches Jesus is a Rasool while Peter identified Jesus as the Son of the living God before the other deciples including Philip and Thomas, Philip recognized trinity and want to see the Father, thomas identified Jesus as his Lord and his God, which is impossible for jews because of “Shema” their morning prayer and Jesus didn’t slap his face for the blasphemy nor he didn’t said that he is Rasool. Rather Jesus recognized himself as Yhwh.
If the author of the quran knew these revealed truth, from the canonical gospel, he have no choice and no reason to deny the truth that Yhwh is a triune God and Jesus proves it by resurrecting from the dead by hisown authority.

Because of that reason, muslims are deceived, by the author of the quran, who proves he is a false prophet.

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