Holy Kiss Romans 16:16

What is a holy kiss as opposed to an unholy kiss?


Hi @plantaseed

Another great question here.

I looked up the original Greek words for them:

Hagios: sacred, holy (physically pure and morally blameless)
Philéma: kiss (from phileo: brotherly/sistery) a kiss to show respect or affection between friends.

So, I believed the term holy kiss is to differentiate it from the erotic or sensual kisses, which will be inappropriate. And also it should be sincere and pure, without deceit or pretense. Unlike, say, Judas’ kiss that betray Jesus.

I believed a sincere brotherly/sisterly kiss is a strong part of the ancient eastern culture’s greeting among affectionate friends, to foster a sense of closeness in the community.

Hope that helps somehow. Blessings


It does help! Thank you.

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