How (and Why) to Fast

Lou Phillips is taking time to help us explore five spiritual disciplines Christians have been practicing for millennia and why we need them as much now as ever before. On day four, Lou takes the time to explore why the discipline of fasting was not only commended by Jesus but also practiced by Him, and then offers some helpful, practical tips on how to begin fasting.

See, the heart of fasting is: “God you are the sustainer of all things. And while food is what I need to function physically, I desire You more. I desire You more than life itself.”

[O]ne of the reasons I love the discipline of fasting is that it very clearly reminds me of how fragile I am. It shows me that I’m wholly dependent on God for everything, always.

Plan a time to fast in advance, choose how long you want to fast… However, the most important thing to remember is that during your fast, you need to take time and pray and read His Word. You’re not just not eating or dieting…and challenge yourself to stick to the details you’ve laid out.

Make it Personal

  • Have you tried to fast? If not, what is keeping you from it? If so, what is the biggest challenge to fasting?

  • What is something that you have been wrestling with that might be helpful to take to God in prayer, in Scripture reading, and in fasting?


I fast occasionally but don’t have a regular routine of it yet. Sometimes I wonder if I should. I can find it tough, mainly because I have three young children. I often find I’m abstaining from food but unable to seriously pray or study my Bible because I’m busy looking after the kids. Most of my times with God are heavily punctuated with conversations with children each day. I’m choosing to do it with them around so they grow up in an environment where this is done. However, I find this a struggle and frustrating for myself although it’s good for them. I have also had one experience of fasting where I woke up with my face on my Bible…:woman_facepalming: If anyone can suggest ways of fasting whilst parenting young ones and not getting full night’s sleep I’ll be listening :grinning:.

I can definitely think of areas of my life that I should bring to God through fasting. I think I need to exercise that big spiritual No! muscle in certain things. I liked that analogy, I shall remember that this is what is being engaged when I face struggles over fasting.


Love the video. I remember that the first discipline the Lord taught me was fasting . Because I had alot of trauma that I needed to overcome and my flesh was getting in the way of my healing . I then got instructions from the Lord to first complete a 21 day Daniel fast then to fast every Monday.

The challenge i faces was normally on the first few days for a lengthy fast , but then after that it becomes easier… it seems that when I am lead to fast the Holy Spirit helps me to complete it.

I am currently wrestling with my consistency with the Lord in prayer and worship and know that fasting will be that extra boost to tune in to what the Spirit is saying to me.


Thank you! Very helpful.

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