How are you creating new routines that deepen your walk with God?

Hi friends,

There are different seasons in the year when we each consider shedding old routines and adopting new routines. The start of the year, the beginning of Lent, and our birthdays all come to mind as times for reflecting on who we are and where we are going.

In this unprecedented season, many of our normal routines have been abruptly stopped.

At the same time, new habits have been forced upon us.

However, we maintain the capacity to decide for ourselves how we will navigate each day. We are still in control of our attitudes and our decisions.

In particular, we can make the decision to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, through RZIM Connect.

To that end, three questions:

  1. What routines are you giving up during this challenging time?
  2. What routines are you adopting during this time?
  3. Are you adopting any historical practices right now to ground you in a bigger story? (Sabbath rest, the church calendar, etc.)