How can an introvert reach out?

I think the title says it all, I’m an introvert and I am not fond of speaking in front of a crowd and I even dread the “small talks” with people you just met.

How can I reach out to people if I dread having conversations with others?


Good question. I admire your desire to reach out to others.

I myself am very shy and very much an introvert. I think it is important to let the Holy Spirit lead us. Our God can empower even the weakest of us to proclaim His name boldly. The book of Acts provides some great examples of this; perhaps pray for boldness if you feel that such is God’s will.

However, I think it is important to realize that we can minister to others in ways other than speech. First, I personally find written communication far preferable to verbal. If you are the same way, try using some written medium, be it social media, internet forums, an email, text messages , etc., to reach out. Second, remember our works can bring be used for God’s glory. Every one is different. One may be drawn to God through the bold preaching of a talented speaker, while another may be attracted to the faith because of the acts of kindness performed by a quite introvert. Third, you can donate financially to a ministry. I believe we are all called to share the gospel in our own spheres of life, but perhaps not everyone is called to be a missionary or preacher. The Spirit gives diverse gifts, but all can be used to edify the church (see I Corinthians 12). Finally, I think preparation helps. Rehearse what you are going to say and try and ensure you have sufficient background knowledge to respond to any questions that may come up. Above all, trust God to give you the words and wisdom you need. Rest in His mighty hands. :smiley:


Hi @starinacay. Great question. I am an introvert myself, who has learned to be an extrovert in different instances. But my motivation to get engaged in evangelism or contributing is the very fact that I am holding the gift of life. Jesus is the way, the life, and the truth. Realizing that and not tell others would mean that I am containing it all to myself. God has forgiven me, blessed me, given me his peace, the vision and direction to live a fulfilled life on earth and an eternal security to be in heaven, just to say the least. It is a free gift or a cure from this seemingly never ending misery of the world. I cant just hold it in and be the only beneficiary. I cant.

Would you not say anything if you neighbors daughter was dying from cancer and you had the cure in your house?

That is my motivation. It has done a 180 degree on my life. Plus, Jesus said go and share the gospel, that is the least I can do for alllllllllll that he did for me.

I hope that helps.
God Bless


I’m going to guess that you’re okay having conversations with family and friends. If there are any lost people in the circle you’re already comfortable with, you could start there.

As for stepping out of your comfort zone, one easy way for an introvert to evangelize is what a few folks in our church do - they ask a local business to let them put a tract rack on some spare counter space, and then they keep it stocked with gospel tracts. That way, they’re sharing the gospel with their community without ever coming face to face with the people they’re evangelizing.

Of course, it would be good if you had your church’s name and contact info stamped, printed or neatly hand written on the tracts so that any who come to Christ through reading them would know where to get further information.

Do you know somebody in your church or among your friends or family who would let you put a track rack in their business?


Hi Kelly, nice to hear from a fellow introvert! Thanks for reminding me that not everyone is called to be a missionary or preacher and that the Spirit gives diverse gifts! I’ve always thought that people are saved through grand preachings, but they can also be won by simple acts of kindness and words of encouragement in their everyday lives. Appreciate your insights, Kelly!

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Wow, thanks Dan! I was actually rebuked by the Parable of the Talents just this week! I see myself in the person who buried and hid his master’s money. Now, I know that hiding and burying what God has taught me does nothing… Yeah, you’re right why hide if “you had the cure in your house?”

Thanks Dan!


Thanks James! My family are roman Catholics and they tend to shut me down whenever I talk about the Gospel, Praying for opportunities to share the Gospel to them though…

As for the gospel tracts, let me check with our church! Thanks James!

Hey @starinacay!
I am definitely an extrovert through and through, but most of my best friends are introverts. As an extrovert, I’ve had to really learn to be more of a listener. Almost every time I feel like I just need someone to talk to, guess who I go to?.. you probably guessed it — my introvert friends. Everybody needs that time to share, but they want to know that what they are saying is valued by their listener wether they’re introvert or extrovert. And I’ve noticed that listening is definitely a strength a lot of folks like you have. Even for people to know that you’re there for them can mean the world, being available for someone to talk to is a whole ministry in itself. Now that doesn’t mean that introverts don’t talk and only get blasted with all the extroverts ramblings because I do know some amazing introvert speakers and I think we extroverts can do a better job at listening many times. :slight_smile:
Seek to find the strengths that God has given you wether that be a listening friend, behind the scenes support, prayer warrior, or like what @jlyons was saying about finding other ways to distribute tracts. One thing that I see a lot is in order to have a goer you’ve got to have a sender — we need each other’s strengths. Don’t let anyone put you down for not being more out going or talking more… unless that’s something God is telling you to do, but what I’m trying to get at is that you have God given strengths and giftings for a reason, find ways to use them and strengthen them and I know that you will be a blessing!!!

Hebrews 13:20-21
Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is wellpleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

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Stop it! Really, I’m an introvert, I can’t speak, it’s not my way, etc. These are all things that are being whispered to you that are not true.
You are a child of God, a citizen of Heaven - For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and self-control. 2Tim 1:7
In Luke 22:14-30 Passover (communion) Jesus is eager, full of excitement, to Bring the disciples to the start of the New covenant and their integral role in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Verse 28 says ‘since you have stuck with me thru many trials and because The Father has granted me a Kingdom, I now grant you the right to eat and drink at the table in My Kingdom and gibe you thrones of authority.
And then at Pentecost they are given the advocate, who speaks to God in their behalf and they are filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit that empowers them to take the Good News of Kingdom and salvation to the ends of the earth.
This is your inheritance, your identity, who you are in the Kingdom of God. Of course the devil want to keep you Timid and quiet, believing that this is your natural self, maybe it was when you were a citizen of the world but now you are a Child of God, Citizen and heir to heaven and all it’s abundance, given authority, agents of the Kingdom, filled with power with direct communication to the father thru Jesus who is Your lord Saviour and friend - Stop it! You are not an introvert, you are a convert, born again to a full life in abundance, boldness, courage, strength and Power, in Jesus’ mighty name - Amen!?


Hi Kelley,
These are very good pointers for introverts. I am not so much an introvert, I love people and I like talking to them. I chose RZIM as a platform to further my being in ministry, and I exercise my “ministering” in exactly the way you describe.
I particularly like the point you made about financial giving, because I think that requires the least effort, and if 1 dollar is all you can give out of the three you have, then you gave a lot. I also practise my speech and ministry and I use RZIM even right now to do so :smiley:, RZIM is my Safe Training Ground. I also absolutely agree with you when you say: be led by the Holy Spirit. Proverbs says a word at the perfect time are like apples of gold in settings of silver. We want to be effective when we speak.
In all, I think RZIM is a safe approach for introverts (among all types of Christians) to be heard. Thanks for the advice

Congratulations! You just did…Look at what happened here. You asked a question and look at the responses you got! Check out the book Tactics by Greg Koukl. It is all about driving conversations by asking questions and letting others do the talking!