How can Christians do a better job of embracing the whole child if God first, wrapping them in love and acceptance, before addressing the sin that may occur with regard to LGBTQ issues

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What led you to join Connect? I have listened to and appreciated RZIM for many years. My son is gay and has left the faith which is breaking my heart. I am searching for ways to bring him back to the Faith and to find love and peace in God’s love through his struggles. I feel that we as Christians often put the sin first, versus the whole person. This is ironic in that we instruct the LGBTQ person to understand that sexuality is just a part of their identity- not who they are. I think we have failed to show love and support first to people who are literally on their knees praying for answers in a Christian culture that often rejects them. I wonder how many Christians have lost faith due to this approach.

How do you hope to contribute? I hope to facilitate a more loving approach to all of God’s children and learn something along the way.


Hello @Tammy

Welcome to RZIM Connect :heart::innocent:

I want to commend your honesty and openness about you son’s struggle.

I think you have already said what Christians need to do to win people who have gender confusion - see them as created in God’s image, don’t pinpoint their sin like condemning them, but through love, grace, and patience win them, not as an object but as a human being.

You are his mom no matter what happen, just continue to do what God is telling you to do and he will listen you again.

Thank you so much.


Welcome Tammy, I have placed your son on my prayer list specifically praying he would see the genuine unconditional love of Jesus. The Spirit is already working as a Mothers prayers are powerful. May you find hope here on connect? May all be gathered under His shadow at this time.


@Tammy, hi. My son has done the same thing. It has been the sovereignty of God that has been the greatest comfort to my wife and I. Here is a little poem we ran across a while ago.
Love Devine has seen and counted all the tears It caused to fall
And the storm that love appointed was Its choicest gift of all.



This is beautiful- thank you! I keep in mind it is a marathon not a sprint. I know God has beautiful plans for him.


Thank you❤️

@Tammy Welcome to RZIM Connect! My heart goes out to you. Searching this site will reveal that many others share your concerns.

A key to understanding the LGBTQ issue is to understand the person. Many LGBTQ people believe that God will not accept them because they are their sin, and their sin is what they are. Christians sometimes reinforce this erroneous belief by teaching that same-sex attraction or gender confusion is intrinsically sinful. I will not belabor this point here; see if you can find discussion of it elsewhere on this site. I am willing to clarify my views on this topic on another thread.

Meanwhile, pray enjoy this site!


Hi @Tammy, it’s really great you’ve joined us. Thank you for sharing your question with us. I know you will find some helpful discussions here and prayer support. You may find Sam Alberry’s book ‘Is God Anti Gay?’ helpful to read if you haven’t already. I found it so helpful in learning how to support someone more closely who was struggling between homosexuality and God. Someone I knew who came from a strong Christian family announced he was gay as an adult. His mother was very open about the struggle but said her relationship with her son was more important than anything else right now and she did all she could to love him and his new partner, all the while praying for God’s will to be done. God is good and God is love. These two truths must be the anchor when everything else is confusion and difficult. I’ll be praying for you and your family.


Thank you- Sam Alberry is amazing! I have been reading through a variety of sources myself. At this point I am also reading a lot of books that make a logical case for Christ without any mention of the LGBTQ issues. I have encouraged him to read a couple of them which of course he is reluctant to, but we are currently reading CS Lewis’s Surprised by Joy. I think it will appeal to his logical nature and be a counter perspective to a lot of what’s going in popular media- if I can just get him to finish it :slight_smile: