How can Christians grow in their understanding of apologetics and evangelism?


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Another question: if someone came to you and said, “I am a devoted Christian, committed to loving God and my neighbor, and now I want to grow in my understanding of apologetics and evangelism - where should I start?” what would you recommend to them?

Ask Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby) (February 12-16, 2018)
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Hi Carson, thanks for that question. I would recommend that they start with Jesus. Jesus had this unique ability to steer every conversation towards the gospel. The way he expressed it was also diverse. To one person he says, ‘your sins are forgiven.’ To another, ‘the kingdom of God has come to you.’ Jesus’ method is a great model to follow.
Next, the Apostles. They took the pains to translate the message of Jesus in the language (culture, belief and thought process) of the listener. So that gives us a clue of how we can do it too.
Then I would suggest, really anything by C.S. Lewis but to begin with, ‘Mere Christianity’.
All things considered, of course, RZIM! :slight_smile:

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