How can God be One and Three?

(Noel Garcia) #1

Hi everyone, I have recently had quite a few loved ones turn from their faith in Christ and come to me with so many hard questions and doubts that i just don’t have an answer to or know what to say. One that I would like to see what you think is this one on the trinity that did confuse me a bit. So they told me that it seems that God is three distinct different people, just like we are all different people. They when Jesus says they are one in each other that he wants to he in us and us be one with him just as He is one with God, And since Jesus came to early left heaven and got forsaken by God they can’t actually be one single God but three Gods, just like we are not all one single person in the church but multiple people. This really confused me and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this topic for me and point time to some scripture. Thanks!

(SeanO) #2

@Ngarcia I think we must always remember that God, if He really exists, is indeed beyond our ability to grasp. That is no excuse for not seeking to understand or for ignorance, but a god we could fully comprehend would be a man made god - an idol. Who could possibly expect to fully grasp the everlasting God who created Heaven and earth?

Another thing that may be helpful is to point out that no matter what you believe - including humanism or secularism - your worldview has elements of it that you cannot explain. The way you choose a worldview is not by finding the one that answers every question - because none of them do, but finding the one that makes the most sense out of reality - origin, meaning, morality and destiny. So you could politely, gently point out to your friends that in a secular worldview there are unanswered questions to:

  • how did anything come to exist at all if there is no God?
  • why is it that human have a desire for the eternal in their hearts?
  • how can you say anything is right or wrong without God?
  • how do you explain the fact that nature contains information in the form of genetic code? In our experience, information always comes from an intelligence.

The point not being to turn the tables in an argumentative fashion, but to help them see that every worldview accepts some unknowns…

There are 3 planks that are core to a Biblical doctrine of the Trinity:

  • there is only one God
  • each member of the Trinity is fully and completely God
  • each member of the Trinity is distinct

I do not think it is necessary for prayer or worship to understand ‘how’ those things can be simultaneously true. Rather, we acknowledge they are true and live into that reality.

Here are some additional thoughts and resources. May the Lord Jesus grant you wisdom as you engage with your family :slight_smile:

  • be honest and tell your family that you do not fully understand how the Trinity works, but you know it is true. If God is really God, then it makes sense that we will not fully understand everything about Him. If we understood everything about God, it would be a strong indicator that we had invented a false god.
  • you do not need to be able to explain or understand the Trinity in order to worship or pray to God. Does a child understand how their parent works? No, but they can still love their parent and enjoy fellowship with them. We do not need to understand how God works in order to know Him. Worship is not like fixing a car - where you need to know how it goes together or you cannot fix it. Worship is a relationship - in the Bible compared to a romantic relationship - and who understands their spouse? No one would claim to understand their spouse fully :wink: And yet we can still enjoy fellowship with them. Worship and prayer are like that…

(Cameron Kufner) #3

Best example I’ve heard. H20 is a great example. H20 is Water, Ice, and Steam. It is still H20.

God is three people, but all are equally God. Jehovah is the Father, Jesus is the Son, and the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit.

Don’t fall for the doctrine of oneness. Saying that God is one person, but has 3 different roles. Example of the oneness doctrine would be (using myself as an example.) Cameron is a husband, son, and father. This doctrine doesn’t make any sense though because of 1 John 5:7. Also, why woul Jesus sit beside God the Father on the right if it’s the same person? Also, doesn’t it make no sense if we used the prayer of Jesus in the garden of gethsemane for example. Why would Jesus say something like “Father, it’s me, you. Let this cup of suffering pass from me.” That doesn’t make any sense. God is there people who are all equally God. God said let US make man in OUR image. If God was one person, then wouldn’t it be "Let me make man in my image?