How can I bookmark my favorite discussions?

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

Every day there are many incredible discussions, posts, and resources shared in RZIM Connect.

In fact, after one particularly interesting conversation, a member wrote to me and asked how they could organize and remember their personal favorites!

This brief guide explains how to create and access your own personal bookmarks in RZIM Connect.

First, create some bookmarks!

At the bottom of every post is a bookmark icon:

Click on that bookmark icon and you will add the post to your personal bookmark section. I like to call this my personal RZIM Connect library!

Second, access your bookmarks:

You can always get to your bookmarks at this link:

You can also find this same area by clicking on your profile picture and then the bookmark icon:

This will also take you directly to a list of all the articles you’ve bookmarked.

Finally, please remember that you can always search the site:

RZIM Connect offers a very powerful search engine. It makes it possible to find great discussions no matter when they took place. Try it out!

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