How can I download the RZIM podcasts?

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Podcast Downloads

I always downloaded the RZIM podcasts which were on the website in order to listen to them on my phone while traveling without internet connection. I don’t seem to be able to do that ever since the update to the website (it only seems to allow me to go directly into playing it, not actually downloading the mp3 file). Is there a way to do that, or has that option been eliminated for some reason?

Thanks for your help.

Dean Smith

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Podcasts were unable to be downloaded for a short time after we updated our website, but I wanted to let you know that we have implemented that functionality once again. On our Listen page, click on a podcast and on a specific message, and it will instruct you on the page that you can download the audio by right-clicking “here” and choosing “Save Link.” Hopefully this is helpful!

Podcasts can also be downloaded through the RZIM app, or you can subscribe and download them through Google, iTunes, Stitcher, or other podcast apps. The podcasts can be streamed directly as well. With an episode page open, click the play button (white triangle inside a white circle) to the right of the title. You can then use the teal toolbar at the bottom of the page to pause and play the audio or move to a different point in the message.

Many messages are also still available on CD or MP3 through our distributing partner, Christian Book Distributors. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

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Dear Brandon -

Thanks so much, I was able to use the RZIM app and download for future listening. However, I now try to refresh the files on the app and the most recent file I show under ‘listen’ is October 29th (and it never changes even though it says updated) and the most recent file I show under ‘read’ is May 25th (which also never changes). Is this an issue with the app? Is there a way to fix?


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When we updated our website, we had some trouble with the RZIM app keeping up to date with current content. However, as of today, we have hopefully resolved that issue. Can you double check the app and see if it is up to date and if all of the messages are there for you? Let us know what you see or if you need any further assistance.

Kind regards,