How can I effectively minister to Muslims who are new in their faith, and those who spend with with Christians but are not yet converted?

Hi @Abdu_Murray

It is a great privilege for me to share this problem with you.
I my school chapel here in Kaduna Nigeria, I discovered that certain number of ladies love to attend the fellowship of christian students with the Hijab on (the way Muslim ladies dress in general). Many Christian brothers and sisters are not comfortable with that. Knowing the religious tension in the state. But I personally found it encouraging so I wrote to each of them to see if we could meet. We meet and we decided to have a class session together once a week on the Bible and life in general.

Some of them are muslim convert not yet grounded in faith, some are christian but just love to put on the Hijab while some just want to have fun with their christian friend while they still worship in their mosque. I believe this can be a tool for effective evangelism if properly harness.

Sir. How would you suggest I engage them to come to see the full plans of God for their lives? How can the group be engage to share their testimony with others? How can I bring out the best in this category? It is a problem that I don’t want to fail or disappoint or lost any member of the group.
I hope my thoughts are well communicated. I will be so happy to hear from you.
Thank you.
From Nigeria.


Hello John!

First, let me say that I think it’s wonderful that Muslims feel welcome enough to attend the services. I know that tensions can exist, but the fact remains that they will likely not embrace the gospel unless they hear it.

Women willingly wearing the hijab at a church isn’t that big of a deal in my view. First, the hijab itself, as a covering of a woman’s hair, isn’t an expression of willful defiance of the gospel. If they came in wearing t-shirts with the shahada on them, that would be a different story. Also, there are Christian denominations that teach that women ought to cover their heads when attending church, based on Paul’s words in 1 Cor. 11. Second, it may be the case that some of these women can only leave their households with their heads covered because they are still Muslims, but seeking the truth. It would be a shame if they failed to show up at church becuase Christians felt uncomfortable because of the hijab.

We must always be careful not to compromise the gospel just to get seekers to be comfortable, but we also must not be so legalistic or uptight that we unnecessarily repulse seekers. It’s my personal opinion that wearing a head covering doesn’t compromise the gospel. And once they hear the doctrine of grace, they may feel the freedom to lift that veil on their own accord.

Blessings to you and all that your Christ-following community is doing!