How can I get quality replies to my questions?

Hello to you! :wave:

We are thrilled that you are here and excited that you want to start a new conversation in Connect! Your courage to ask a question :question: or drum up discussion :thinking: is a gift :gift: to the community.

Our desire is for you to get not just one good answer, but lots of good answers to your question. We’re talking about answers that are biblical, thoughtful, respectful, and empathetic from people just like you (and people not at all like you) from all around the world. :earth_asia: :earth_americas: :earth_africa:

To help you with this, we’ve noticed that the way some questions get asked lead to better answers for the person who asked the original question - and for everyone else who reads along.

So we wanted to share with you some of our top tips for starting a new topic:

  • Try the search tool (:mag:). You may find that your question has already been addressed. Boom: instant answer! :100: But if not, continue on by clicking on the + NEW TOPIC button at the top-right of a category page. From there…

  • Give the community some context. Did a friend ask you the question? What did you experience that prompted your curiosity? Let us know where you’re coming from!

  • Ask your question. Genuine questions, posed by someone who comes across as authentically open, humble, and interested in hearing from others, tend to create awesome conversations. (Try to avoid non-questions - such as, “Your thoughts?” - as well as rhetorical questions. Instead, be specific and clear.)

As you may be aware, one of the ideas that drives RZIM is the notion that behind every question, there is a questioner. Our hope is that you will not just have an interesting discussion, but that you will experience love and care from every participant in the conversation.

Another great resource to consider when posting is our Checklist for a Good Response as many of the same principles apply for both beginning and maintaining conversations. :slight_smile:

For me personally, it has been such a privilege to learn from this global community! We pray that you too would engage and discover a depth and richness that only comes from being united (in our diversity) in our Lord, Jesus Christ. May he bless our conversations! :raised_hands: