How can I Help with Racial Injustice?


As Christians, what can we do about the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery? I do not live in either of the states where these things happened. I do not know the families affected. I am just a small, white woman. I desire justice and compassion for the families of these men, but I have very little idea of what to do. Posting on social media seems so…useless, in the long run. How does posting on social media bring about justice? How does that allow the families to know I care, as it is doubtful they will ever see my posts? I want to help. I know I should pray. Is there any other way I can help?


Great question and admire your desire to help in a very important cause. While I have nothing against social media in particular and believe it can be used for both good and ill, I do not believe it is the most effective tool for this case.

I would encourage you to (a) read some books on the topics of racial reconciliation and racial injustice to better understand the issue and, particularly, the sad part the church has played in perpetuating racial injustice and (b) consider donating or volunteering at a ministry that works in that area. The following is a list of ECFA non-profits that are supposed to minister in that area:

I hope you can be a great light for Christ in this important issue. :slightly_smiling_face: