How can I learn more about apologetics or be trained in apologetics?

(Brandon Jeffers) #1

An apologist needs to have a thorough understanding of culture, of the Scriptures, and of “the reason for the hope” that we have in Christ. In addition to the Scriptures themselves and the resources of your local church, we have developed a variety of RZIM resources intended to prepare you for an evangelistic lifestyle:

Our publications, broadcasts, and podcasts
The Recommended Reading List on our website
The Topical Bibliography on our website
Links to more Apologetics Resources
DVD studies such as Everyday Questions, Jesus Among Secular Gods, and Foundations of Apologetics
Videos on our official YouTube channel

Should you decide to pursue more formal avenues of training, you may be interested in learning about one or more of the following:

RZIM Academy
Emerging Apologists Program
The Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics (OCCA)