How can I overcome smoking?

I dont know if i am doing this correctly but I am gonna give it a try.

I wish to know about struggling with repenting from a sin, specifically smoking.


@Arvio61 I agree we should not smoke because it is destructive to our bodies, which are temples of God. But I would also say that we should not assume to know the spiritual state of anyone who smokes. C. S. Lewis smoked a pipe and I definitely believe he loved Jesus. Of course, he lived in a time when (to my knowledge) people did not realize how destructive it was to the body. The apostle Paul also said we should not be a slave to anything or anyone but Christ and smoking can be an addiction, which it means it can exert control over us.

I thought some of the advice from the below articles was useful. Hope you find it helpful :slight_smile: May Jesus grant you wisdom as you seek to live a healthier life.

  • make a quit plan and be prepared for quit day
  • get rid of triggers - throw away cigarretes / ash trays and hang out in non-smoking places / with non-smoking people
  • stay busy
  • stay positive


I also used to smoke years ago. I know how hard it is to quit. Of course you should pray. You should also stay away from people who smoke, if you can, since that might make you want to smoke also. Excersize more, drink more water, etc that is all good advise.
But I’ll tell you what finally did it for me was to switch to using the vaporizer. Pick a day to quit cigarettes and do not smoke a single one after that. But use the nicotine vaporizer for however long you need to. Eventually you will get tired of the vaporizer and you will find it much easier to quit that than it was to quit cigarettes.


Hello Richard and ALOHA as we say here in Hawaii.
I found that in Prayer and Fasting one can DO miracles my brother.
And with that said I will Pray for you and yours.


When I’m listening and watching Mr RAVI, l will look up and 3 hours have passed and I never even thought of cigarettes !!

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I MY GOODNESS! I’m going to just dive right in to this topic. I am blown away with the timing of this question. Let me first say hello Richard & welcome. I am new with RZIM and only recently (about a year) have started a new journey with Christ. I came across Mr. Ravi on YouTube. I was and still am amazed at his knowledge and kindness. I found myself watching and listening to his forums, or whatever is the correct words are to describe what he does? I think of it as spreading the GOSPEL! And I really don’t believe it was a coincidence when I first found RZIM. OK, let me get back on topic. ADDICTION. My first husband turned me on to a lot of bad things, the worst was methane crystal. I still remember driving about 20 mph for 60 miles in heavy fog just to get my fix. Yes, it was that bad. I was on it for 2 to 3 years. Then a miracle happened. My brother (2 years younger) came to my house. To this day, I’m 59), I don’t even remember what I said or what the conversation was about. But, he left my house crying. I think I was 20 and he was 18. I had never seen him cry before. By the GRACE OF GOD I have never even thought about doing meth again. NEVER!!! To this day if I’m around anyone on meth, trust me I could tell, one of us is leaving and I don’t care who, me or the user. Later I became a functional alcoholic for at least 25 years. I started drinking heavily when my brother was sent to prison for 60 years. Wow, that caught me by surprise and rocked my world!!! I never could move on with my life after that. It hurt me so bad that I did the only thing I could do ‘or so I thought ‘ as soon as I got off work I went home and got drunk. Now this is the second miracle in my life. While my brother was about 7 years into his sentence HE WAS SAVED! Sometimes prison ministries do work! He was on fire for the LORD! He was truly a warrior for Christ! That’s what we put on his headstone. It was the most important thing in his life. When I went to visit him the other inmates would look straight into my eyes and tell me that he was the real deal. One day his intestines burst open and was rushed to the nearest hospital. They kept him alive, but the drs said his whole body was covered with cancer and they said 4 months at best. But GOD was not through with my brother yet. Instead of him going to hospice he choose to fight. When I tried to get him to go to hospice, where I could visit him every day all day, he sternly told me that he had heard GOD’S voice twice and until GOD told him to give it up that he would choose palliative care. He said that if he could help save one more life that it would be worth it. Well, the life he saved was mine!! If he had chose hospice, I would have been with him every day and watch him dying for the next 18 months. I sure couldn’t deal with the situation, so I quit work and eating. All I did was drink vodka and chase it with water until I was down to 90lbs and I knew my body could take anymore. I called my other brother and told him I was going to die if I didn’t stop. The next day my brother and sister in law took me to a detox center. I called him 2 weeks later and told him that they were talking about me going to a 30 day rehab. As I was giggling, he said that was a no ******* brainer. He picked me up and drove me 2 hours and I was in rehab for 30 day and so thankful to be there! Every day we had to come together and tell something we were happy or thankful for, and every day my answer was the same. I thanked GOD for the blessing of being in rehab and the help I was given. Then one day as I was walking to the cafeteria (about 40 yards out side) by my self on a beautiful day I was talking out loud to JESUS thanking him. A feeling came over me and I knew I would never drink again! I have been sober since 3/15/15 I have been sober. When it’s was time for one of us to leave, we gathered to say our good byes and write some words of encouragement. I will never forget, one guy said he wished he had that hot line to GOD! While I was in rehab, I had the chance to talk one on one with an atheist about JESUS. She was a hospice nurse and very intelligent. As we went back and forth for about an hour, I finally asked her if she had the power would you want there to be a GOD or not? Her reply was ‘yes she would want there to be a GOD’! Yeah!! I was then able to visit with my dying brother and let him know that he had saved at least one more person and that was me! If he had gone to hospice, then I would have been with him every day and going home and drinking until I passed out. But because of his decision, I got sober and he helped me to live. Until I read your post, it hit me. I have never asked for GOD ‘s help to quit smoking! WOW REALLY? I will pray for you and me! Sorry I took the long path to say all of that, but if I can help in any way just let me know! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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What a wonderful testimony @Babychristian. The things that you go through. You will definitely be used by God for others to draw strength from through their dark times. I’m really blessed to hear your story. Keep on keeping on! Keep the faith burning.

Blessings in Christ