How can I relate the hope of Christ to an agnostic Vietnamese friend who is into ancestor worship?

A good friend of mine was an older teen when the US withdrew it’s troops from his Homeland of Vietnam in the seventies; he is neither Catholic or Buddhist… he believes in a greater being, but puts much trust and faith in ancestor worship. I am quite unfamiliar with this practice and hope to find out how I may be able to share the Truth of the Gospel with him… I do not know apologetically how to relate to his practice of ancestor worship. Can I get some direction from RZIM to better understand his worship practices?

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@Greg_Vogles Hey! Nice to meet you!

I was wondering if maybe you would consider asking this question additionally in the “Daily Evangelism” category? It might help to give your question more exposure, and hopefully a broader range of responses. As far as your question, I personally don’t have any knowledge of the religion you mentioned. Although, I was wondering, what does he think about Christianity? Does he have any knowledge of the teachings of Christianity? What are his perceptions of Christianity?

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Hello Greg, I feel your concern about your friend. Prayer, a solid witness for the Father and love is what Jesus used to reach individuals. He as is shown here with Ravi RZIM is answer the questioner and the question, they are both important. Be encourage Christ never gave up.

Hello Greg😁!

Filial Piety is what they practice. They worship the “spirits” of his dead kind/parents or elders of significance. But simply put, worshipping the dead.

You mentioned him being your good friend. Maybe you can start of by inviting him, to a Bible study, and ask to pray for him. In that way, he might get to ask you about the God we worship and the JESUS CHRIST who IS our savior. Including him in your personal devotions would be of great help, because just like what the prophet of Old Testament said, it’s like prepping up to “till a hard ground”…

I pray for your endeavor, that it may bear fruits.

Hi @Greg_Vogles I was filled with hope when I saw your question and had to answer :facepunch:
I was born again in Vietnam in 2009. I consider it my spiritual home. I used to have a house church there and many Vietnamese friends came through the years. At least two were saved there.
One young man I led to the Lord using the Romans road, in a bilingual bible. This is the first thing I would recommend. Whenever possible try to use the scriptures in a person’s mother tongue.
My second recommendation is to start at the garden not at Jesus. I mean, when I shared about Jesus or Christianity my friend once said, “our beliefs are much older than Christianity”. For this reason I always like to start with Genesis 1 to ensure people know Jesus is the same God who created everything.
May the Lord open the eyes of your friend and in turn use him/her to bring many to the kingdom :handshake: