How can I respectfully respond to a controversy about an evangelist speaking at a local high school?

(Trishka ) #1

Greetings everyone, trust you are well in the Lord’s strength.

I need some advise please. So I’m not sure how many of you know of Angus Buchan but in SA I think everyone does. I live a Pietermaritzburg which is a fairly small town. Angus spoke at a Christian / Catholic School for girls about two weeks ago & people did not like that. I have attached two opinions that were published in the newspaper from readers. I can’t seem to find the one that triggered this “debate”. But the gist of her complaint was that because he spoke at this school there was no “inclusivity”. This lady commented on men & women being equal & quite a few other comments which included race as well as gays. She even quoted Galatians 3:28. But honestly I do not believe that there’s anything wrong for a Christian / Evangelist speaking to young girls that attend a Christian school, but that is just my opinion. And now it’s blown out of proportion & everyone is just commenting but it all doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s as if there is no specific point to their “complaints / opinions”. And I think yesterday when I read the comment about Confucius, Moses, Jesus, Buddha & Mohammed, it upset my spirit. Because now Jesus is being likened to them. All of these opinions are now being published in the city’s newspaper & I feel like I need to respond because readers are going to get brainwashed with lies & opinions that are not the truth. For me I feel as though I can’t grasp what the issue is??? It seems so all over the place.
So I spoke to my husband & we prayed together last night. I need help from all of you. Please will you read the attachments & give me some feedback.
Thank you in advance for your time & input. It is most appreciated!

(C Rhodes) #2

@trish53787. Hi Trish. Your post is fairly new and so I am sure you will receive many resources you can access. I am not as widely read as some, but you can count on my prayers for you and your husband.

I will offer this assessment. As disheartening as it feels to see your region and media react with such anger and hatred; the church has a pervasive history of triumphing in the face of intense opposition. It was the intense persecution in the book of Acts that caused the Gospel to be preached far and wide. I don’t see much difference in the events of this day. But, I hold the confidence that GOD will use such ostracization to grow His people and His church.

My prayer for us all is that we will not be weary in well doing. That we will remain true to the Word of GOD, and that we will ask the Lord, often, how to love his children. All of them.

(Trishka ) #3

Thank you for these kind words and support. Also thank you for your prayers.

May GOD bless you!

(Martin Pitts) #4

I know you may not be looking for a refutation of the articles so I picked apart the first article and it just appears that Alleyn has an issue with Christianity in general. Too many of her statements contradict themselves when you compare what she says against the true beliefs of Christianity. It seems like she’s taking what Angus says out of context and is twisting it. The emeritus professor Prozensky I think did give some good insights about how not all Christians follow the beliefs of leaders, but fails to mention how there are Christian’s who practice beliefs contrary to the Bible. As he said, none of us can claim the sole knowledge of the mind of Christ, but we each can claim knowledge of the Word of God by being students of it and can then discern the meanings of Scripture by doing so. Below are some points that jumped out at me from the articles. The one thing I can say would pray over a response. I believe one is needed and I don’t believe it needs to be a complete refutation of the article, but perhaps just simply stating the facts of Christianity in light of what was written. That’s what I’d be asking the Spirit to guide you and your husband through.

  1. That Christianity along with several of the other religions cited in her article believe in exclusive claims to truth.

  2. At it’s core, Christianity is not about racial supremacy, or bigotry, but is a belief that all people have an undeniable worth by being created in the image of God, and that He wants a relationship with us.

  3. When listening to any speaker we are meant to weigh what they say against how their beliefs are truly defined. I’ve never heard of Angus, but everything he says needs to be bounced off the Word of God and see how it measures up. If it matches what God says, and is not taken out of context then Christians need to stand behind it. However, if not then that too needs to be brought to light, and the truth needs to be spoken as a rebuttal to his statements.

I’ll be praying for you and your community. I hope that other Christians will rally around you in prayer and support. If you think it would help, maybe do come up with a refutation of her article. Point on the contradictions along with the thoughts that are just wrong, and clearly state your counterpoints. You could maybe even send that directly to Alleyn for her eyes only, and see how or if she responds. I know you know this, but the key will be to do it with gentleness and respect. I say that because I was making counterpoints while reading the article, and if delivered the way I was thinking I would have been doing what Ravi warns against, cutting their nose off and then giving them a rose to smell.

(Trishka ) #5

Wow Martin, thank you so much for your advise. You make so many excellent points. And also you are so right on your last point about responding with gentleness and respect!