How Can I Share the Gospel in a Hostile World?

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

On the Ask Away podcast, led by Vince and Jo Vitale, they covered an important topic: how can I share the gospel in a hostile world? You can listen to it here:

Here are some of my primary takeaways from their discussion:

• Jo mentions a student’s phrase: “Do it scared”.

That is, don’t let your fear keep you from obedience.

• Vince: “God will empower you with his spirit.”

When we struggle with fear, we can turn to God for strength to overcome this fear.

• Jo: “God, give me your eyes to see people as you see them.”

The people we are talking to aren’t the enemy!

• Vince: Be really practical and specific in praying to God. E.g., “Would you give me one question to ask each of my family members?”

• Take the time to prepare for the questions you expect to be asked.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Do you have fears about being evangelistic?

  2. Do you feel ‘stuck’ when it comes to sharing the gospel in conversations?

  3. What do you think are the most encouraging points from this podcast?

(Mariana Aguirre) #2

In Love. There is no another way, but the way of the one who gave all. Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let me share today visit to a local library , a person complain about that another was speaking laud on the phone . This person react very rude laud and had to leave the place first. No matter the cause, just or no, with reason or not if is no defend in love we become worst than the original sin. This is vital for us in the momen to share the Gospel of Christ must be In love . This divines apoitments are already take care for the Holy Spirit . I will suggest pray before , trust and the Holy Spirt will lead you.

(Gabriela Calderon) #3

Hi @Mariana_Aguirre! Thanks for sharing this, I think you are right, this is the only way to do it - Love! We live in a world were everybody is so focus on themselves that we sometimes forget to be kind, and I say we because I have found myself being so unkind to people sometimes if I am having a bad day or something made me upset. we are always playing defense and getting out of this role its hard sometimes but Jesus taught us to Love and be kind, no matter what our circumstances may be we have to reflect Love becuase he loves us so much! Praying is very important as you mentioned, we need to stay connected with our source of love in order to be able to love without conditions. One of my favorites 1 John 4:19 We love because he first loved us. :two_hearts: