How can reknit the sacred/secular divide in society?

Hi there Kasey!

First of all, I just want to let you know how much of an encouragement it is to me that there are millennials out there who not only follow Jesus, but who are also leading voices in the world of apologetics and who seek to engage the culture with thoughtful dialogue (that was a majorly run-on sentence, which I am now making longer by adding this parenthesis :D). I wish I knew you were speaking down in Boston when you did. As we say in New England: wicked cool.

As a high school English teacher in New Hampshire (shout-out to my run-on sentence), my questions tend to lend themselves more to education and the region I live in, yet I think the themes found within them can apply to several contexts:

  1. I co-teach several classes with Social Studies teachers, and I notice a trend/pressure to discredit any “religious” movements/persons/themes from history and literature (it’s subtle but most definitely there). I often feel as though religion is a taboo subject, yet the fabric of history and literature (including movies, songs, and tv for that matter) is richly interwoven with religious themes (and when it comes to Western literature and history, Christianity in particular). What are ways I (and anyone in education or any environment that values intellectualism) can re-knit the sacred/secular divide, so-to-speak, and how do I combat the idea that anything religious is anti-intellectual? I find there aren’t too many resources for Christian educators in the sphere of public education (whether K-12 or collegiate), so if you know of any good ones I’d love to hear them!

  2. As someone living in the greater Boston area, which as you probably know is in many ways post-Christian, did you find there are more effective ways to evangelize to people who value the scientific over the religious, the physical over the spiritual, and who have very little material needs?

  3. Did you ever hike in the White Mountains of NH, and if so, what was your favorite hike (mine is for sure the Franconia Ridge Loop)? If this quarantine ever ends and I’m in CO, are there any good hikes you would recommend? :smiley:


Hi Rachel!

Loved these questions. Made a video response below!

Christianity on Trial- Vincent Carroll, David Shiflett

Last Call for Liberty - Os Guinness

Dominion: the Making of the Western by Tom Holland Mind

And finally, the most important resource of all: a picture of the Maroon Bells in Colorado (you gotta go visit!!!)