How can we answer questions about Christ's youth when the Bible says so little about it?

Hello! I have been curious to something which is very mystery about Christ youth life. In gospel we dint see where did Christ spend his youth life, it just appear after probably 30 years. And there is an many eastern religion like, Buddhist, Hindu claim that Christ was live in India, Tibet learning an Eastern religion. How can we answer about this youth life of Christ, where did He do and where He live?

Hi Chuimatai!

Thanks for your question.

Interfaith dialogues in India, centered around the Person of Jesus Christ, often times go this way, don’t they?

Buddhists claim that during his youth Jesus came to India and learned from Bodhisattvas. The Muslims also have a narrative that ‘Jesus lived in India’ (popularized by Kirsten Holger’s book by the same name) etc.

Firstly, the Bible is silent on Jesus’ growing years. And a good thumb rule of ‘interpretation’ is to be silent on matters that God chose to be silent about. For if we did, speak on such matters we would only be speculating. We source truth about Jesus from the Bible and here we don’t have any data to help us.

But that reply may not helpful to a friend from another faith. To such, we could ask where they source their data from and how they know it to be true.

Oftentimes, there is no substantial response that they can give us at this point.

Hope this helps.