How can we best defend the resurrection of Jesus?

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@Seano Yea i do agree with you there that NDE argument is very subjective!

How do you best defend the resurrection of Jesus?

Proof of an afterlife
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@Dannyd I posted two resources in my original reply and below are an article from William Lane Craig, some resources from Gary Habermas, The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel and a thread here on Connect. The most thorough resource is of course N. T. Wright’s book ‘The Resurrection of the Son of God’, but it is also not the quickest read. I highly recommend it if you really want to dive in deep, but you may start with the other resources. Hope these thoughts are helpful.

Some of the evidences generally given for the resurrection are:

1 - the testimony of the Bible and of other historical sources of Jesus’ life, death and appearances to hundreds after His resurrection
2 - the fact that Jesus’ disciples chose to die rather than deny His resurrection
3 - the fact that Jesus’ disciples, being Jewish, would have expected a resurrection at the end of the world rather than in the middle of history
4 - the fact that the Bible records women as the first witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection - in Jewish culture the testimony of a woman did not have value - if someone were trying to fake the story it would have made much more sense to make the first witnesses men
5 - the reality of the changed lives of many Christians who have experienced the risen Christ themselves through the power of the Holy Spirit

There are more given in the resources below. As a primer before digging into Wright’s book, you could watch this documentary with N. T. Wright as well: