How Can We Find Meaning and Purpose in the Workplace?

Good day Sanj.
Thank you for your time, to answer our questions.

In conversation with people, during this time of lockdown here in Soith Africa, I have found 2 questions come up often.

  1. The question of pain and suffering. Which I think has been discussed often and not my question for today.

But another one, which I have also experienced personally.

How does one find meaning and purpose, when one is insulted for your beliefs, for standing up for the right thing and not compromising, for working for a boss or company that does not share the same values but bully you instead? One person in particular was asked to turn a blind eye to something, and was told that their moral view or beliefs were over exaggerated, and was told that he should obey ALL instructions without question.

I particularly found 1 Pet 2 from vs 18 encouraging.

But often found that finding your purpose through that and meaning is quite tricky at times.

What are your thoughts on these type of experiences?

Thanks again for your time. Bless you



Hello Roald!

I love South Africa! I’ve been to Johannesburg and Cape Town what a beautiful country!

First of all being a believer in the workplace is never easy. One of my friends told me that to always hold your reputation in your hand lightly but hold your character in your hand tightly. This means that your identity is in Christ first and foremost. That your ethics and integrity is because of who you follow which is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As I mentioned earlier in an answer I believe the Christian shines through adversity. They are going to be many scenarios and I highly recommend that you seek other believers wisdom and counsel before making a decision in the workplace that is compromising your character and beliefs. When confronted with any compromising scenario I believe it’s the way you respond to it. It’s the tone of your voice. It’s the loving and caring response that may disarm the person that’s asking you to do something that may compromise your character? This could be an opportunity to share the gospel. Or this is an opportunity where you have to think that maybe this isn’t the right work environment that you should be in. I believe that the workplace is such a great mission field for the Christian to be a witness for Christ. I believe that that I found my meaning to be that I belong to God and then I want to know God and then I want to follow God. All in that order. And my purpose is to love the Lord with all my heart and all my soul and to love others. Loving others can also mean a coworker, your boss or the owner of a company. You have to figure out if what you’ve been asked to do is getting in the way of your meaning and purpose?

Thanks again for your question.

Blessings, Sanj