How Can We Have Meaningful Spiritual Conversations About Hinduism?

Hi Sanj,

I just had the privilege of watching the video of your testimony. So encouraging and uplifting to hear about the work of Christ on your behalf and also in the lives of your family members.

As someone who has grown up in a Christian home, could you please give me some ideas of good questions to ask or ways to start a meaningful dialogue about spiritual things with my Hindu friends.

I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry, your family, and your relationship with Him.

May I risk a personal question? How is your father? I heard you asking others to pray for his salvation. Are you still seeking prayers on his behalf? If so, I am happy to join in.

Thank you for the time, prayers and service you have invested and are investing in advancing the kingdom and serving the King.

May you be blessed,


Hi MaryBeth and thanks for your questions. What I would do is research and read about Hinduism. there are lots of books and resources online for you to at least get the basics of Hinduism. And the two pillars of Hinduism is reincarnation and karma. Because there are so many denomination and sects of Hinduism. But have a basic understanding of Hinduism before you go into the conversation is what I would recommend. And now you’ll be able to ask questions to the person in front of you. And then ask questions about why they believe what they believe. By studying and researching Hinduism it’ll show the person that you care about who they are.
Yes, please continue to pray for my father he still does not know the Lord. He’s 85 years old.

Bless you