How can we minister to someone with Chemical Imbalance?

Hello Sir, blessings. can you please explain how this starts and how it operates spiritually. What is the difference between Chemical Imbalance and Schizophrenia? How can we pray for someone with Chemical Imbalance. What can we advise them when they have a moment of lucidity?

We can pray for anyone in any situation, we must always remember that we are more than this body. The Holy Spirit has entered into all believers and God has placed the inherent truth inside all people.

Amen! Thank you!

@Lali I am speaking from a medical perspective a nurse here as well, but the two diagnoses mentioned are two completely different things. One actually more sustainable treated, one is treated by only by masking the symptoms. But either of the two are horrible and prayer does avail much! I am a person who believes in supernatural healing but I also believe that God has given medical professionals and counselors for us to utilize. I would say with prayer, help that person seek the right help and ask God to intervene, best answer I could give in a real life situation. I do not recommend trying to treat the situation yourself tho. Prayer and fasting… proven tried and true through all of time

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Thank you Christopher, I have a sister n’law that is going through a diagnosis of Chemical Imbalance and my brother is devastated because they are not Christian and no matter how much I talk to them about God they don’t understand. I prayed over her and she started crying for hours and now they think it is bad to pray for her. It is really a terrible thing, especially when they are not Christians and can’t understand the healing of God.
Thank you because I thought that Chrmical Imbalance was the beginning of Scheziophrenia.
Many blessings!

Prayer and realization of genuine heart felt forgiveness from the Father, for himself, and others is the first step. Confidentiality does not permit me to say much but I have seen quite a few individuals lay down of thier own accord mood and mind prescription drugs. Fall head over heels in love with Jesus and go on to live normal productive lives. Hope this encourages you.

Amén! Yes thank you, I know there is nothing impossible for God. I am trusting in our prayers. Thank you Lord!
Many blessings Mike. Thank you for the encouragement!

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