How can we present the Gospel to Sikhs in a way that resonates with them?

Hi Jacob,

I’m so grateful we have this opportunity to grow with you this week. I was wondering if you could jump into a conversation in #daily-evangelism, started by @Olivia_Davis, on Sikhism:

I would be curious to hear of any insights and encouragement you have for this question.


Thanks for reposting the question here Carson. I have had a few encounters with Sikhs. Just to give some background the religion was founded by a saint called Guru Nanak about 500 years back. We can fairly say that the religion is a mixture of Hinduism and Islam and you can see both the flavours in the religion. Guru Nanak’s context would suggest that he had Hindu as well as Islam influences.
A few of the characteristics of the religion that can help us build bridges are:

  1. It is a monotheistic religion
  2. They understand the value and sacredness of Holy Scripture
  3. Selfless service is considered one of the highest virtues
    These are great starting points for us as Christians to build on. Unlike other eastern religions where we have to get around pantheism in the first place, Sikhism believes in monotheism. They also have a clear distinction between creator and created.
    One of the biggest challenges though is to prove the Deity of Christ. Their strict monotheism would not be able to conceive of God in flesh. It’s almost as unthinkable as it would be for a Muslim. Their high theology negates any kind of God in human form. But here too if we approach Jesus Christ as the epitome of selfless service and sacrifice. To show that everything Jesus did was out of His love to the Father. That His death on the cross was the climactic act of God’s selfless act to mankind, forgiving our sins without expecting anything in return. This can be a good approach for them to consider Jesus and His life. I have noticed that when I approach it from this angle, they give a listening ear and is interested to find out more because it resonates with their worldview.