How Can We Start Conversations About Meaning in Life?

I regularly use Ravi’s 3-4-5 Grid to start conversations. What do you think are some ways to start good conversations around meaning & some good answers?


Hey Brian! Nice to meet you and thanks for your question. For me when asking someone what is their meaning in life and purpose I normally get some answers that make no sense at all. And this comes from believers and Non believers because I think people haven’t thought this question through yet. As I answered before I found that my meaning is that I realize that I belong to God when I surrendered my life to Him and that i want to know who I belong to and then I wanted to follow the person who I belong to.

Most people then will answer the question of meaning in that they want to do good, they want to provide, they want to leave a legacy, they want to have security, they want to provide etc. So whenever they explain what their meaning in life is I always ask a question why? and then an answer is given and then I answered why again. and it always points back to themselves so that they get the credit for themselves. Whereas when you give the credit to God that’s the meaning and purpose of your life and motivation because he He created you for his purpose. And then I’m able to give the gospel that points towards Christ valuing you because of a sacrifice on the cross and his love for you.

So my point is to ask the person in front of you what their meaning and purpose is and listen to their answer and be able to question their answer which you know will always point back to themselves. And then your hope is that they ask you what your meaning and purpose is. Then you’ll be able to articulate what your meaning and purpose is. which is that you belong to God and that you want to know God and that you want to follow God. This has been very helpful for me in my conversations on meaning.

I hope this helps

Blessings, Sanj