How Can We Understand the Relationship Between Healing, Prayer, and Mental Health?

Hi Kasey! Thanks for answering our questions this week.

Yesterday, a college student (major in psychology) asked me why do we still need to pray for healing when people are being healed medically, not really a supernatural event especially when they are being admitted in a hospital. I believe healing is supernatural in itself as it always come from God and He sometimes use medicine to do that(but even medicine gives us no guarantee unless God would grant healing). Her classmate also believes that mental illness like schizophrenia are God’s way of punishing people. She did not ask this question but I really do wonder how can a person with severe schizophrenia (especially those locked in a mental institution because they can’t control themselves) be shared the gospel to or know about Jesus? I know that God is able to heal them instantly if He wills to and He is able to give wisdom and understanding to anyone but with all the things we learned about psychiatric nursing and with all attempts to pray for them and talk to them, it’s difficult for me to reconcile my thoughts regarding their salvation and the state they are in. I really find it hard to enter into the world they are in. Also, they can’t seem to understand even simple questions such as “Are you hungry?”. Problems with neurotransmitters, hormonal imbalances and even electrolyte imbalances can cause us to think differently than we ought to and that is really beyond our mind’s control. Some people are blessed to have themselves checked and medicated. How about the ones who don’t have the means to be treated with medicine? Will they remain shut from reality and devoid of understanding the gospel? How would you know if what they are experiencing is a demonic attack and not a severe mental illness? Please forgive me for the series of questions.:sweat_smile:Will you please walk me through my friend’s question and mine as well? Thank you in advance and God bless​:blush:

@Keithy, thanks so much for this question! Very thought provoking. Mental health is so important right now, and so frequently misunderstood. A vital question for us to consider! Should have a video response uploaded by the end of the day :slightly_smiling_face:


@Keithy, here you go! Eager to hear your thoughts.

Two resources that might be helpful:

Dr. Brandon Unruh on [Truth, Anxiety and Mental Health](Brandon Unruh:

Lee Strobel’s book [The Case for Miracles](The Case for Miracles: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for the Supernatural is a great framework for understanding the miraculous.