How Can We Understand the Sovereignty of God Knowing He is Outside of Space and Time?

Hi @lou.phillips, thank you for your time and I trust you are well?
I need some different perspectives about talking to new believers or those seeking, regarding the sovereignty of God and that He lives outside of space and time, especially to those struggling with this topic.

What are some thoughts you have on this topic and your approach to the younger generations about God’s sovereignty?

Thanks again.


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Great question.
Honestly I stay fairly ambiguous in this conversation, not because I dont know, but because I think its both/and. Christians are so quick to make something one or the other when the Bible is filled with both/and. Normally I would never do this, because you reached out to me and I want to honor your question, but the greatest answer/talk I have heard on this topic is by Tim Keller. So I could either regurgitate his sermon for you here haha, or you can listen to it and it be far better.

Again, please dont see this as a way for me to avoid the question. I just genuinely cant think of a better response than this sermon. So if you wouldn’t mind, I would love for you to listen to it and let me know what you think? If you feel like it doesn’t answer your question then reply and I will do my best to answer.

The link to the talk is:


Hi @lou.phillips, thanks so much.

Don’t worry I do the same. Honestly often someone else has done a topic more justice than I ever could, and I likewise , in some situations, refer folks to an external source. :smile:

Not offended at all. Thanks for sending me the link. Much appreciated.


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