How can you prove God is real?

Is there some one able to answer this question. How can you prove God is real, to people of today’s Rational Minded?

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There is something. There should be nothing.

When rational mind encounters what can’t be explained without God being real, the rational mind must make a decision. Evidence is all around: sacrifice, beauty, complexity, the ability to love, death, science, history, archaeology, evil, matter, all are breadcrumbs through the forest, but the single greatest evidence I know is simply a life transformed from what it was and could never be on its own without ??? to what it is with God.

Hi @Genarito1,

I think first you can look at historical figures, people of faith, who were very rational, yet believed in God (take mathematician Blaise Pascal for example).

2nd, the scientific method won’t work here, there are truths that we come to outside science. The cosmological argument and the teleological argument are great (rational) arguments that point to God’s existence.

Hope it helps, God bless.

Yeah, I was going to bring up Blaise Pascal also, but in order to relay a point he makes. He mentions that there is enough evidence for the existence of God for us to rationally believe he is real. There is also, according to Pascal, enough evidence to rationally believe he is not real. Ultimately, belief in God is an act of faith and should not necessarily be something which is reasoned to.

This is what I believe is the main thrust of apologetics. Removing, or answering, the reasons not to believe. This should open a person up to the the work of the Holy Spirit which begins the process of conversion.

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Thank you very much for your lines.

Because God could not become a measurable bean in any way, by human rationality.

There are plenty of reasonable evidences, to prove before any court of law, that he is real, in today’s rationality.

Just give us the chance to present many: Objective, philosophical, and rational evidences for it.

You are welcome to join us in the quest.


Kind Regards

Genaro Regalado

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