How Could Adam & Eve Know That Disobeying God by Eating the Fruit Was Wrong, if They Had to Eat the Fruit in Order to Know What Was “Right” or “Wrong” in the First Place?

Hi@louisphillips. Thanks for your time, the patience and willingness to respond to questions.
This question was asked by someone on a Facebook group “So… How could Adam & Eve know that disobeying God by eating the fruit was wrong, if they had to eat the fruit in order to know what was “right” or “wrong” in the first place?”
Pls what would be Ur response to it.
God bless you and keep you🙏

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This is a great question Aba, and I have heard it before.
I think the question becomes difficult if we dont know what is meant when the Bible says “knowledge of good and evil”
It can be misleading but it is not referring to being aware of what is good and evil. If that was the case, then yes, it would make no sense.

But that cant be the case, because God tells them not to do something and they know to follow what He says, right? So clearly before Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they knew that obeying God was right and not obeying him was wrong. Therefore, the phrase “knowledge of good and evil” cant mean being aware that there is a right way and a bad way. That has already been established when God says do not eat of this tree.

The best way I have heard it described is “knowledge of Good and Evil” is referring to becoming the judge as to what is good or bad or deciding what is good and evil. Meaning, I now get to decide what is good and evil for me. I am the judge. Eating the fruit is a declaration saying “I know what is best for me and I declare independence.”

If thats the case, it makes sense as to why God is so opposed to them eating it right? Because only He is the true and perfect judge. Sin is our declaration, “God, I call the shots in my life”. We get to decide each decision what we think is right and wrong; however, its an illusion. We dont always know. We are not qualified to be the judge of this knowledge. The serpent uses a half truth — you will be like God, knowing/deciding good and evil. But you aren’t supposed to be like God, knowing/deciding good and evil, you are supposed to let Him be the only one. Only He is God. Only he is just and perfect. We were never created to be independent, we were created to be dependent on him. God can no more make us like Him as He can make himself not God. The serpent was clever in the half truth it told.

Does that make sense? Some times the original wording doesnt get translated perfect into our language and so there can be these types of confusions. But as far as I have seen, scholars agree that it is not referring to “knowing” the difference but rather “deciding” what is the difference.

I hope this helps.


Wow🤗@lou.phillips. I agree with this explanation, and I really appreciate the time you sacrificed to respond to my question, I assure you that I have increased in knowledge and conviction as well, as to the uniqueness and Absolute nature of the bible . God bless you richly.
If u permit, can I copy this response and paste it in the Facebook group and acknowledge you as its source?


haha thanks Aba. Yes, feel free to use whatever you like. Honestly you dont have to tag me or anything. You can just post it as you if you want.


@lou.phillips. thanks again.
So in situations like this, where some text can best be understood if one knows or has access to the original or close to the original translation, questions like this and I believe so many others might be very challenging for Christians to comment rightly about🤔. What do u suggest I should do, especially when I don’t even have an idea that the original text has not been translated



Another great question. I think in general, the Gospel is simple enough for a child to understand it and yet, it is complex enough that some of the most brilliant minds have not found its end. I am no Greek or Hebrew scholar, so I too have to come to the Bible with significant humility. I really do think much of it is straight forward. However, when you come to passages or scriptures that seem complex, confusing, or contradictory thats when you should start to do some research. So much free information is available through the internet. Plus, brilliant scholars and theologians have answers to some passages on Youtube and other platforms. And finally, I think RZIM connect is another brilliant place to wrestle with these questions and ask for help. Looking at all the questions we dont know can be overwhelming; but if we simply take it one day, week, month, year at a time, we will slowly start to answer those questions. Finally, I think we should always be asking the Holy Spirit for illumination and understanding. The same person who helped each author of the Bible write what they wrote lives in you, you can ask Him for help any time. And when we feel like the Lord has given us understanding, we also share it and check it with other believers. Does that make sense? Honestly Aba there is no silver bullet to your question. It is a case by case basis. But the information is out there, we just need to do the due diligence to find it.