How do I apologize to someone from a Hindu worldview


I have a question and would like support for an incident that happened just yesterday.

I am a Christian and seek to raise my family on a biblical worldview. We are fortunate to have great international neighbors. We do not share the same worldview as they are Hindu. Our families get along well.

My 8 year old son with neighborhood friends were playing with our Hindu neighbors boy. An simple child like incident occurred and my son with 2 other boys ended up mocking and making fun of the Hindu boy who was hurt and upset by the incident. The Hindu boy got angry and took a small pocket knife and taunted the 3 boys with it. My wife saw the incident and separated the kids.

I’ve obviously spoken to my son about his Mockery of anyone. I have also called my Hindu neighbor and explained that my sons behavior was inappropriate and informed him about the knife. I have also asked that my son would come and apologize (as well as the other two boys); however, my neighbor played down the incident and said it wasn’t necessary.

My conviction is that we need to gently press in to this as my son needs to apologize and our neighbor needs the witness of an apology from us (whether or not they apologize for the knife is their own decision). However, I’m concerned how best to do this since our request has been declined and specifically they are culturally different and share a very different worldview. Your help and insight is appreciated.

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@Andrew25, I love that you are being intentional with your neighbor! That’s fantastic and I really hope the Lord uses you to see them enter the kingdom.

I’m not so sure that the declining of an apology is a cultural or religious difference but it sounds more like different parenting styles. I have several friends and neighbors that would respond similar but would claim to be Christians from the west.

It sounds like you really want your children to apologize and I think that’s great. You could approach your neighbor with something like, “My wife and I are trying to raise our kids in a Christian manner and we feel like it’s really important for us to have our kids apologize so that they learn to be more like Jesus. Would you be alright helping us do that?” If your neighbor says yes, great! If he says no, that’s ok and you should probably let it go because ultimate goal is to see this family follow Jesus and pushing the issue could take them further from that. Regardless of how your neighbor answers, you’ll have planted more seeds for potential gospel conversations. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very helpful. Thank you!